Review: Lowepro PhotoStream Camera Bag with Wheels

Review | Lowepro Camera Bag with Wheels - Photostream

A review of the Lowepro PhotoStream Camera Bag with Wheels

As travel bloggers we take a LOT of camera kit away with us on our travels and the biggest nightmare is always airport security.  The value and necessity for it all to arrive safe and sound makes it imperative that the bag containing all the camera kit arrives with you when you land.

Imagine turning up to film a family holiday in Greece and that being the bag that doesn’t make it off the aeroplane, or it does make it off but it’s wet and broken. It just can’t happen and so it has to go on as hand luggage.

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Packing our camera equipment into the Lowepro PhotoStream for travelling

However getting through airport security with all that kit has always been a nightmare. It’s taken what has felt like forever to get through the security line and then almost the same time again to pack it all up. We’ve tried a variety of bags over the years from straightforward wheeled cases, which are a nightmare to pack as the bits go everywhere and you can never find anything, to rucksack camera bags which mean me or my hubby have incredibly sore shoulders from the weight by the time we even get on holiday.

Enter the best carry-on compatible rolling camera case EVER for travelling photographers – PhotoStream by Lowepro, a Camera Bag with Wheels!

First impressions of the Lowepro PhotoStream

From the outside it looks like a standard hang luggage sized suitcase with wheels.  Except that it actually has four super cool wheels that make it so easy to push that the kids could actually push it (if you trusted them of course with all your kit which we don’t!).

The Lowepro PhotoStream - a camera case with wheels, great for travelling photographers

It’s the inside that makes this the best carry-on compatible rolling camera case EVER for travelling photographers

The Lowepro PhotoStream Camera Bag is designed to fit 1-2 Pro DSLR’s (one with up to a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens attached), up to 8 lenses/speedlight, 15″ laptop, tripod and accessories. As you can see from the photos of what we took the bag does indeed fit a lot in.

Our Lowepro PhotoStream actually ended up with all the chargers for all 5 family cameras in too, together with all the wires for all the phones and iPads, the GoPro and accessories and our various tripods including the new Joby Gorillapod which takes the weight of the Canon 5D easily.

Take a look at what we got into our Lowepro PhotoStream:

Our camera gear packed inside the Lowepro PhotoStream

Why the Lowepro PhotoStream is great for travelling photographers

  • It was easy to pack.
  • We kept everything in it whilst we were on holiday and so it was easy to find things in it when we looking for them.
  • It was really easy to steer through the airport with the clever wheels.
  • It was very lightweight (until we put everything in).
  • We haven’t actually unpacked it since we’ve been home as it is so easy to store things in and locate them.
  • Hinged access front panel means you can get your laptop out without opening the whole bag – very clever!

The Lowepro PhotoStream has easy laptop access


Better than all the above – we didn’t have to unpack it for security at any of the airports we went through!

They could see everything that was in it, so they opened it up, had a rummage and then scanned it like it was! Now I obviously can’t promise that that will be your experience of the Lowepro PhotoStream, but it was ours and we LOVED it.

Available in the UK from all good stockists RRP: £269.95
Main stockists include:
  • Wex Photo and Video
  • Park Cameras
  • Jessops Online
  • LCE – London Camera Exchange.

NB: We were sent the Photostream Lowepro Camera Bag to review but all views and opinions are our own.


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