Review, Embrace Nature with Inhabit Robes

Review, Embrace Nature with Inhabit's Vibrant Robes

In a world that’s often fast-paced and busy, the idea of immersing ourselves in nature is something we all yearn for. But let’s be honest, with our hectic schedules, it’s not always easy to escape to the great outdoors. And if I am honest, the rain can put me off. Living in the country means getting out is easy. The staying warm and dry bit is not so easy. Inhabit Robes change all that.

Inhabit recently launched line of colourful robe coats is not just a fashion statement but a ticket to reconnect with nature and give back to the environment.

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Review, Embrace Nature with Inhabit's Vibrant Robes

Inhabit Robes Have Biophilia-inspired Roots

Inhabit’s mission is crystal clear: encouraging people to step outside, breathe in the fresh air, and rekindle their bond with the natural world. “Inhabit” draws inspiration from the biophilia concept coined by renowned biologist E.O. Wilson. It reflects our innate connection with nature, and Inhabit wants to strengthen this connection in every way possible.

Seeds of Change

What sets Inhabit apart from the crowd is their commitment to environmental conservation. For every robe purchase, Inhabit donates the equivalent of 3 seagrass seeds. This isn’t just a gimmick; it’s a heartwarming endeavour to support Project Seagrass’s fantastic work in rewilding and rehoming habitats worldwide. With each robe, you’re not just wrapping yourself in comfort but also contributing to a healthier planet.

Review, Inhabit's Dry Robes

Inhabit Robes Offer A Splash of Color and Functionality

Inhabit’s robes are a delightful blend of fashion and practicality. Two unique colours grace their collection: Serenity Blue and Endeavour. These robes are not your run-of-the-mill outdoorsy attire; they are designed to make a statement. The contrasting zips and velcro cuffs add a stylish touch, making you stand out in any natural setting.

But it’s not all about looks; these robes are functional and built to withstand the elements. They are waterproof, ensuring you stay dry even when the skies open up.

The generous size provides plenty of room for movement and snuggling small dogs inside when they don’t want to walk; this happens. You can rest assured you’ll be warm and comfy in these robes, even on the coldest days.

But more than that, the oversized design aimed at water sports and cold water swimming lends the robes to country living. Inhabit robes have huge hoods, perfect for rainy walks, and a selection of large pockets; I could fit my iPad in one, which is great for us football parents to take to football matches and sitting pitch side.

Plus lots of room for keys, phones, dog treats and more, making long country walks warm and easy.

Lots of storage space

Eco-conscious Design

In a world where sustainable fashion is gaining traction, Inhabit walks the talk. Their robe coats are crafted from recycled materials, lessening their environmental footprint. By choosing Inhabit, you’re not just embracing the beauty of nature but also contributing to its preservation.

So, if you’re searching for a versatile, eco-friendly robe that encourages you to embrace the great outdoors, Inhabit’s robe coats are the perfect choice. With vibrant colours, eco-conscious design, and a heartfelt commitment to rewilding the planet, they offer much more than meets the eye. It’s time to don your robe, step outside, and truly inhabit the world’s beauty. Get your Inhabit hope here.

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