Review: Coleman Event Shelter | FastPitch™ Shelter XL

Review | Coleman Event Shelter | FastPitch™ Shelter XL

Is the Fastpitch Coleman Event Shelter really fast to pitch?

Yes is the answer! The Coleman Event Shelter FastPitch really is fast to pitch. In fact that could be the end of the review in reality as it answers the question but that would be a little dull and wouldn’t really tell the full story.

We have had the Coleman Event Shelter in our house since late March.  Coleman set us the event shelter to review and I explained I had at least 3 events in May and June that I would likely need to use it for and it wouldn’t be too long until I was able to review it. HOWEVER I hadn’t counted on the most amazing few months of summer weather that we’ve ever had.  We’ve simply not needed to put it up.

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We had it on stand by for a family party we had in the garden in May – it wasn’t needed.

We had it on stand by for the street party we had for the Royal Wedding in June so that we could all eat our cucumber sandwiches and drink pimms under it, but it wasn’t needed.

It even got lent to two friends who were having kids parties in their garden in case they needed to put it up – but they didn’t either.

But that’s the thing isn’t it. Even in the most incredible weather we have ever had – we are British – and we don’t trust our weather to stay dry – and in fairness we have had years of reasons not to trust it.

That’s the great thing though about the Coleman Event Shelter FastPitch in that its the perfect shelter to have on standby for all those occasions I’ve just mentioned and in reality in any other year we are likely to have used it on all of them.

You can see from this video just how fast it goes up and how easy it is to pitch.

Interestingly though at a festival a few weeks ago we found an alternative use for our Coleman Event Shelter. I’d always envied those campers at festivals who had their own area to hide under in the rain, but this time it was us who was envied as we had somewhere to hide from the powerful sun we had all weekend whilst at Timber Festival and gave us some well needed cover to watch that all important World Cup Game against Sweden!

Relaxing under the Coleman Event Shelter FastPitch™ Shelter XL at a family friendly festival

Granted the XL version of the Coleman Event Shelter we have is a little on the large side for your usual festival site camping (this was a quiet site with it being the first year) but for three families to use (to shelter from the sun or the rain) it was absolutely brilliant.  It also gave the kids somewhere easy to aim for when they headed to the toilets!   I’m hoping to take the Coleman Event Shelter to Deer Shed when we head there this weekend, the only downside to taking it is how heavy it is to carry from the car to the camp site. We may take it and see how far it is!

The Coleman Event Shelter FastPitch™ Shelter XL on site at a family friendly festival, as featured in my travel tips series


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