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Review of Aleena’s Garden, The Lowry

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Aleena’s Garden is a production produced by Colour the Clouds Theatre Company. It is advertised as a sensory adventure for 0 – 3 year-olds. The production invites the children to witness and feel the change in seasons and watch how the seasons affect the plants and flowers in Aleena’s Garden.

What struck me straight away about our adventure was the way in which the Studio at the Lowry Theatre had been set up in order to entertain the children prior to commencement of the show. The show is  about the garden and so behind the garden area the theatre company had set up an area where the children could crayon and play prior to the start. There was also a changing area for the younger ones.
The show itself is fully interactive therefore the garden is where the viewers sit in order to promote engagement and for the children to interact freely with Aleena. The children present at the show we attended really did range in age from 0 to 3. It was amazing to see really young babies enthralled by the lights and colours. Children 1+ were fascinated by the garden, the colours and all of the sensory elements to the show and it was that age that in my opinion seemed to get the most out of it.
Aleena's Garden
Aleena started the show in Spring and grabbed the children’s attention straightaway with her engaging performance. This element of the show was about plants and how plants grow. When the seasons changed the production company used lights, sound and colour to evidence the change in season. They introduced the children to Sally the Squirrel and also interpreted fireworks and even a fire throughout the winter season.
My little girl who is 3 years old absolutely loved the performance, Aleena and Sally the Squirrel. All of the children in attendance seemed to love the performance for different reasons. In my opinion how they produced the show was extremely clever and the people involved in the production are clearly knowledgeable on what engages children of various ages. If you have a little one I would highly recommend this!!!
NB: Pauline received tickets in order to review the show but all views and opinions are her own.

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