Flight Attendants Have Been in the Clouds Since 1912!

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1912, 104 years ago, the first professional flight attendant boarded a passenger airship (Zeppelin LZ-10 Schwaben); it was still a time women were gaining their rights, so such an innovative figure was not, as we can now imagine, a young, good-looking lady, but a young man on his mid-twenties, Heinrich Kubis. The first flight attendant worked alone on board, but just at the very beginning, because it was quite soon supported by an assistant steward and a cook.

Air passengers had to wait other 18 years before the first woman made her first appearance aboard an airline: the 26 year-old Ellen Church, also known as the flying nurse. In fact female flight attendants were required to be qualified nurses to be eligible.

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1941 is the year of change: with more airlines, the need to find passenger assistant led to an open application for one of the most intriguing and exciting job in the world.

From that time on, female flight attendants, and so stewards, have become an icon of beauty and handsomeness; they were like models in their trendy and elegant uniforms and inspired different movies and artistic creations. Not only, because they have been (and always will) seen as heroes, keeping anyone on board safe.
Nowadays, flight attendants roles involve different professional skills besides aesthetic canons: selections have turned to be very strict and only a few applicants can start their carrier in the skies.
Exciting as it is, this job is still one the most appealing and attracts more and more young people, becoming one of the most wanted in the world.

Cool, stuff, isn’t it? If you want to know more, have a look at infographic from Opodo, to read the full story and find out curious details of the aviation paladins.

Flight attendants infographicInfographic from Opodo UK Blog

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