Paul Noble Learn Spanish for Kids Course

Paul Noble Learn Spanish for Kids Course

This step-by-step Spanish course for kids by bestselling language coach, Paul Noble, guides children through the basics of the Spanish language, with no mention of grammar or text books. The only requirement is to listen carefully, repeat and most of all, have fun!

Well that was the info on the course details that my nine year old read out to me, so how did it measure up to her exacting standards?

She really enjoyed it. She started it on holiday and has listened to it in the evenings before bed since we’ve been back. I wouldn’t try and suggest that she’s now an expert on the Spanish language but she’s enjoyed trying it out and has resolved that we need to add another Spanish trip to the bucket list so she can order her own food and drinks and buy an ice cream in the shop by herself.

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We used the learn Spanish for kids course as an audio book which we downloaded from Audible. We are big audible fans in this house anyway and have a subscription. You can actually try an audible subscription for free and try out this book!

If you download the audio book the kids can use this on their iPads, through ipods, on your phone or like Lily did by listening to it through Alexa which we had taken on holiday with us to play music and her books before bed anyway.

So what do you get with the the learn Spanish for kids course?

* You get eight hours of audio arranged in short bite-sized topics to listen to at home or on the go
* There are scenarios and phrases to try out on holiday, at school or just to show off to grown-ups!

Lily (aged 9) reviewed the Spanish for Kids Course

These are the reasons I really liked the Spanish for Kids course and why I would like to try the French for kids audio book

Paul Noble Learn Spanish for Kids Course

They go over everything lots and lots of times so you keep remembering it.

They make it really very clear.

They ask you to say something you’ve already learnt and they give you enough time to think about the answer before telling it to you again.

It didn’t make you feel silly if you didn’t know the answer.

It’s easy to listen to and I enjoy listening to it.

It’s in different chapters so you can do small bits at once.

It’s perfectly pitched at my age which is 9 and my sisters who are 8 liked it too.

Lily Beddow aged 9

What type of Spanish language do they learn?

They learn everyday Spanish words and phrases like “I have, You have” and “I visited, You visited”

Terms they can use in School such as school bag, pens, pencil etc

Everyday Spanish words for ordering food, drinks and most importantly ice-cream!

When would it be good to use?

We used the audio book on holiday and it was great for taking some time out of the sun, and not being tele/you tube use. However it would also be brilliant for using in the car (the whole family could learn together) or as a tool for homeschooling (something that might be on the cards for more of us in the coming months.

We would really recommend trying out Paul Noble Learn Spanish for Kids Course. Do check out where to find it on audible!




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