Your Guide to Morph’s Epic Art Adventure in London

Your Guide to Morph's Epic Art Adventure in London

56 six-foot Morph sculptures and 11 Mini-Morphs groups have popped up across central London on a step-free, wheelchair friendly trail.

This is the second trail from the creative partnership between Wild in Art and multi-award-winning independent studio Aardman, with Morph and Shaun the Sheep trails planned in 2023.

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The free family-friendly art trail of colourful Morphs will span across iconic London landmarks including St Pauls, Tate Modern, Tower of London, Shakespeare’s Globe and Borough Market.

It is free public art trail and tourist attraction, designed by a variety artists to excite and inspire people of all ages, whilst increasing public awareness about the need for young wheelchair users to be mobile, enabled and included in society.

Farewell celebrations will be on the last weekend of the trail with free, fun and accessible family activities available. 

Look out for:

⭐️ Morph! It’s The Wrong Trousers! Can you guess the design?

⭐️ The Power of Morphing Communication created by Clarke Reynolds aka The Blind Braille Artist. This Morph is covered in braille dots, offering a wonderful sensory experience to visitors.

⭐️ Rock Star! designed by McFly member and author Tom Fletcher and painted by Adam Pekr.

⭐️ The Messenger Morph created by Martin Dougan, best known as a CBBC Newsround host, and his brother John Dougan. Their design features messages from young wheelchair users about their vision for a more accessible future.

⭐️ Tartan Trailblazer co-designed by Alison Black and Whizz Kidz ambassador, disability advocate and model Caitlyn Fulton. Morph’s friend Delilah from his Epic Adventures is paying homage London’s fashion legacy, from Vivienne Westwood’s signature punk style to Alexander McQueen’s love of tartan.

Your Guide to Morph's Epic Art Adventure in London

When is Morph’s Epic Adventure in London?

Morph’s Epic Adventure Trail live: 19 June – 20 August
Celebration Weekend: 19-20 August
Auction: 12 September

Where can you find Morphe in London?

Blaze a Trail, Rob Biddulph
Location: Tower Bridge, More London

Pearly King Morph, Sandra Russell
Location: The Queen’s Walk

The Power of Morphing Communication,
Clarke Reynolds, aka The Blind Braille Artist
Location: More London

The Messenger Morph,
Martin Dougan & John Dougan Nealon
Location: The Queen’s Walk

Morph into the Piñataverse, Anthony Rule
Location: HMS Belfast

Apart Together, Olivia Hylton
Location: More London

Morpheus, Jodie Silverman
Location: The Queen’s Walk

Morph over, there’s room for two!, Mik Richardson
Location: More London

On Guard, Hannah Lewin
Location: Hay’s Galleria

London Parklife, James Daw
Location: Hay’s Galleria

Forget-Me-Not, Pili Duncan
Location: Southwark Cathedral

Gingerbread Morph, Donna Newman
Location: Borough Market

Mr Create, Jenny Leonard
Location: London Bridge City Pier

Morph’s Inspirational Dungarees,
Lorna Harrington
Location: Cottons Centre

Cactus Morph, Traci Moss
Location: London Bridge Station

Totally Morphomatic!, Glen Brooks
Location: Borough Yards

Dance-off Morph, Glen Brooks and Jane Mota
Location: Clink St/Park St

The Bard, Susan Webber
Location: Shakespeare’s Globe

Mondrian Morph, Lynne Hollingsworth
Location: Tate Garden

It’s Raining Morphs! Hallelujah!, Olaf Falafel
Location: Tate Gardens

Messy Morph, Amanda Quellin
Location: Tate Gardens

I Spy Morph, Phillippa & Rachael Corcutt
Location: Blackfriars Station (Southside)

Astromorph, Megan Heather Smith-Evans
Location: Peter’s Hill

Make Your Mark, Sarah Porter
Location: Peter’s Hill/Distaff Lane

Roll With It, Sarah Matthews
Location: Peter’s Hill/Carter Lane

Morph and Friends Explore London, Elaine Gill
Location: City of London Information Centre,
St Paul’s

Morph Whizz Kidz Argonaut, Jason Wilsher-Mills
(Painted by Jemma Brown)
Location: Tate Gardens

Tartan Trailblazer, Alison Black & Caitlyn Fulton
Location: St Paul’s

London Collage, Linda Bartiski, SEASONOFVICTORY
Location: Paternoster Square

Peace Love & Morph, Lucy Hebden
Location: Paternoster Square

Midas Morph, Daniel Bland
Location: Paternoster Square

Freedom, Ruth Green
Location: One New Change Shopping Centre

Good Vibes, Lucy Hebden
Location: St-Mary-Le-Bow Church, Cheapside

Tiger Morph, Sandra Russell
Location: Milk Street, Cheapside

Maximus Morpheus Londinium, Tim Sutcliffe
Location: Guildhall

Chocks Away!, Rhiannon Griffiths
Location: Guildhall

Morph! It’s The Wrong Trousers! Melissa Howe
Location: Guildhall

Diverse-City, MrASingh
Location: Guildhall

Apples and Pears, Helen L Smith
Location: Cannon St Station

Morphlowers Please!, Marnie Maurri
Location: Festival Gardens

Cyborg Morph, Ade Adepitan (Illustrated by
Carl Pearce, painted by Mik Richardson)
Location: The Royal Exchange

Pride Morph, Boe La (Painted by Jess Perrin)
Location: Aviva Piazza, St Mary Axe

The London Man, Jenny Pearce
Location: Aviva Piazza, St Mary Axe

Looking After the Ocean, Ali Elly
Location: Liverpool Street

Rock Star!, Tom Fletcher (Painted by Adam Pekr)
Location: Leadenhall Market

Wheelie, Lena Kibbler
Location: The Willis Building

Gentlemorph, Tabita Harvey
Location: London Street

Polymorphism, Sue Guthrie
Location: London Street

Whizz Bang!, Jess Perrin
Location: Aldgate Square

Stay Frosty, Jason Curtis-Bridges
Location: Spitalfields Market

Mmmmmmmoprh!, Marnie Maurri
Location: Spitalfields Market

Swashbuckler, Peter Lord (Painted by Rachel Bennett)
Location: Spitalfields Market

Morph Target, Signe Tveitan
Location: Liverpool Street Station

Canary Morph, Reilly Creative
Location: Tower Hill/Minories

Morph the Yeoman Guard, Amanda Quellin
Location: 100 Minories

Freedom, Ruth Green
Location: One New Change Shopping Centre

Fish Ahoy!, Ali Elly
Location: Paddington Station

Where can you find Mini Morphe in London?

1 Mini Morph
Location: Bread Ahead

2 Mini Morphs
Location: 80 Fen

3 Mini Morphs Location: Metro Bank, Cheapside

4 Mini Morph
Location: Londent

5. Mini Morphs
Location: 22 Bishopsgate

6. Mini Morphs
Location: 55 Ludgate

7 Mini Morphs
Location: Guildhall Art Gallery

8 Mini Morph
Location: Metro Bank, Bishopsgate

9. Mini Morph
Location: The Real Greek, Spitalfields Market

10. Mini Morph
Location: Hamleys, London Bridge Station

How to follow Morph’s Epic Adventure trail

Download the official app from today on Apple App Store and Google Play. 

App guide and FAQs
A map is available as a free download on the trail website.
Download the trail map
Why not get in on the action and design your very own Morph? Download a free Morph template from sponsor Thameslink and colour to your heart’s content or get the kids involved too!Look out for their sculpture I Spy Morph located near London Blackfriars station.
Design your own Morph
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