Do You Love What You Do?


Do you love your job? Most people don’t. In fact if you google what percentage of people love their job (who doesn’t from time to time) you’ll find articles that saying anything from “80% of people hate their job”, to “Most Americans are Unhappy at Work” to “People who love their job get Richer”.  (I like this last one!).

As some of you may know I changed my job last year from being a full time lawyer to doing some legal consultancy at home, but mainly spending my days blogging about Travel and I LOVE it.  Genuinely I love it.  I drop the kids at school, often go for a run, and then sit down with the notebook laptop and work all day until I collect them again.  I often don’t break for lunch as I don’t see it as working. I might pin things, or chat to people on Facebook, or read blog posts well into the evening whilst watching TV and I do this for fun.

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I know I am really very lucky, but I also know we have made choices that have made this possible.  What really makes this ‘job’ special to me, is that whilst I am also doing something fun and getting exciting days out and holidays for my girls to review (Port Lympne next) , I get to be around for them too. I get to see their school plays without the stress of a meeting that I’m missing and I get to pick them up without getting a speeding ticket on the way home form work (true story!).  I get to spend lots more time with my family!

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Yes I get frustrated with things sometimes, I had a real moment of envy just last week about an awards evening my hubby was going to, but it was a momentary lapse in judgment and I very quickly realised that there was a better place to be!

For me I am currently in a very lucky place and enjoying every moment. So for me at this current stage – Yes I do Love What I do!

NB: This is a collaboration with Dell, but all thoughts are my own.

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  1. I’d love to find this balance! I’m (was?) a teacher before kids. Now with a two year old and a 3 month old I’m wondering what my next step is. I don’t want to miss out on my kids but I’m not sure I want to be ‘Mum’ 24/7. Lovely to hear your story.


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