LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag Review | Luggage for Kids

LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag Review | Luggage for Kids

Just before we few off to Malawi we were offered some LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcases to review. Sadly only two out of the three suitcases arrived but it did give us an excellent chance to review the pros and cons of the kids taking a wheelie suitcase against a rucksack, so read on to see what we thought.

It’s a Large Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag

They are a really decent size. 20 litres if you want to compare this to other suitcases. You can click here to see how many clothes Claire from Tin Box Traveller and her kids managed to pack in their bags.  My kids filled their bags with numerous games and books, their iPads, teddies, crayons, their pipity bags, headphones the lot. It all went in and more besides. They were so excited about being able to take so many of their own things away with them and even more so that this was their hand luggage so they could use it on the plane.

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LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag Review | Luggage for Kids

Too Large?

The downside to the size (as above) was that they were heavy, really very heavy to pull and carry when needs be. They also didn’t fit nicely under the seats in front of the kids so we needed to use the overhead compartments on the plane.  These bags (with all the new luggage rules particularly on budget airlines) may well end up in the hold.

Pulling the Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag

Each bag comes with a two-stage telescopic handle which is really useful and easy to pull up and down. This was fantastic for the kids when we were walking through the airport, and the two who had the bags didn’t complain about pulling them, as much as the child who was carrying their heavy rucksack did.

Once they got tired though they did start to drop the bags a little. I do say this though with the caveat that we did 18 hour trips to Malawi and back so they were pretty exhausted at times. At this point the rucksack worked a little better.  I do however also accept that most people don’t do many 18 hour trips with 6 year olds.


Carying the Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag

The rucksack carrier did complain more than the others about the weight of her bag, but as parents we were very pleased she had one when we got to the stairs of the airport steps, or to the escalators as she could keep her bag on whilst we had to carry the other two (large heavy) bags up the steps.

LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag Review | Luggage for Kids


At £49.99 they are a little more expensive than a standard rucksack but they are very well made and have survived very well from being pulled around Africa for 2 weeks already.

On balance

On balance we loved the bags. They look amazing, great designs, we will definitely use them when we travel with just hand luggage, and will use again for our long haul adventures.  We have however decided to go on our next trip with smaller backpacks so they are easier for them to carry, store on the plane and so they don’t take such much with them too!

You can buy the LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcases here.

Product features of the LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase

Product features from the webiste:

  • Each bag comes with a two-stage telescopic handle
  • There’s a handy name label inside the handle zipper
  • It has an internal accessory pocket
  • The main compartment holds 20 litres
  • Weight: 1.4kg (3lbs.1oz)
  • Dimensions (packed): 35 x 25 x 45cm (13¾ x 10 x 17¾”)
  • Suitable for ages 3+ years
  • Retail price: £49.99

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LittleLife Kids Wheelie Suitcase Bag Review

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