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The importance of using the right car seats can never be overlooked.  Whether you are using the car for a day trip, a holiday or just a trip to the shops, it is important to keep your children as safe as they can be.  We all know this, but for some reason more of us are keen to rush our children into booster seats with little or no protection.  There have been a number of campaigns about Binning the Booster and swapping those booster seats you may have for high backed ones.

My children are 5, 4 and 4 and whilst the older one has been in a high backed booster for some time now, it is time for the younger ones to move up.  For me the most important thing to know about is the car seats safety requirements, for them it is how comfy it is, and how it looks.

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This high backed booster by Kiddy UK is suitable for children age: 3 years – 12 years or by weight between 15-36 kg.  The website proudly states that it has 14 unique height and width adjustments and three leg support settings.  The Kiddy Smartfix can also expand to become 9 cm wider, 15 cm taller and 6 cm deeper.

There is some information on the website about its safety features but I picked out the fact that “The testers concluded that the Kiddy Smartfix was a: “Good child seat for children from approximately 3 years onwards, with an additional ISOFIX fitting option (in cars fitted with this). This increases the lateral stability, and prevents the tilting of the seat during cornering.” With quality and workmanship has being rated as ‘very good’ and reference made to the comfortable seat and extending leg rest; the Kiddy Smartfix really is the smart way to transport your child!

I was impressed with the car seat as soon as it arrived.  It looked very stylish (it comes in a very impressive range of colours too) it was wide and looked really comfortable, but it was also incredibly light.  I also liked the attention to detail on the little tags! It can be the small things that impress!  You can just see that the tag on the bottom right had corner says ‘We love our Kids”.  I played around with the height of the seat and as you can see from the next three pictures it changes size quite considerably!


I quickly installed the seat in the car, I didn’t find this difficult at all, and I was impressed by how substantial it looked when compared to  the car seat it was next to.  I have included the second photo below just so you can see how much wider the Kiddy Smartfix is to the other seat.  This could be an issue for you if you have less room in the car but in this car it works well for us, and is a comfier seat as a result.

The seat covers look easy to wipe clean, but the covers also come off and can be washed if you have any incidents that require this.

The Kiddy Smartfix as an RRP of £189.99 and there are various stockists of this high backed booster that can be located on the Kiddy UK website and it can be found in large online retailers like House of Fraser.

In summary the Kiddy Smartfix Seat is a great addition to our car and will be for years to come. It is comfortable, sturdy, safe.  Highly recommended.

NB: We were sent this car seat for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are my own.





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  1. Wooo this post is well timed for us as we were just talking about putting our (almost) 6 year old in a booster seat soon. After reading this, I think it’s a better idea to keep her in her backed booster and buy another backed booster for our three and a half year old. Great post!


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