Is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth family friendly?

Is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth family friendly?

When family festivals are done right you will have the best weekend ever. It’s getting them right that is at times a struggle.

One festival that is rumoured to do it right year on year is Victorious Festival; held in Southsea, Portsmouth. So did we agree?

Victorious Festival is the UK’s Biggest Metropolitan festival combining 3 days of family fun with amazing artists to give you an incredible weekend of fun.

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Arriving at the festival was really easy. The expected festival traffic was almost completely non existent, we parked really quickly and a 2 minute walk from the car brought us right into the heart of the festival. To me thats a huge tick for a family festival, queuing with kids or marching them across fields for miles is never fun.

Note: There is no camping on site at Victorious Festival, there are allocated camping sites near by that provide a shuttle bus service. We aren’t too far away from Portsmouth though so opted to drive in. Parking is available on site at a charge and does require pre booking. 

Once we arrived we set up a little spot in front of the main stage and watched Fleetingwood Mac, one top tip for visiting any family festivals is to just start off by take a seat, find your bearings, check the line up and the map. In a place so big with some many people it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

Is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth family friendly?

The weather was beautiful and the atmosphere was great, everyone was dancing, laughing and just generally having a lovely time. The field was nice and spacious with plenty of room for the kids to roam a little without loosing sight of them instantly.

My girls can dance any time of any day to any music so they had the best time as we dotted around visiting different tents and stages. 

Victorious Festival is deceptively big, there was so much for us all to see and do and plenty of free events for the kids to join in with as well. 

Bella roped us all in to a yoga class which was actually great fun. There is something quite liberating about doing a yoga class in a field with people walking past but not really giving a damn. I think I may have found my inner zen. The girls do yoga at school all the time so they were naturally much better than I was but I may have unlocked an inner passion. 

Is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth family friendly?

On to food, the food selection was great. Festival food is up there with my favourites. We shared a huge pot of mac n cheese and grabbed some chips followed by ice cream – of course.  

Festival food is never cheap so I won’t pretend it was good value for money but as long as you go into a festival knowing what to expect you won’t have any little shocks! 

Is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth family friendly?

But that does bring me on to the price point. Victorious Festival is really reasonable. £35 for a day ticket is just amazing, considering how much you are getting for your money it really is such a bargain. I did feel like of all the festivals I have been to with the kids, Victorious Festival gave the most for it’s money, with things like children’s fair ground rides all being free! That’s just unheard of usually and it’s so nice to be able to just say yes kids fill your boots without worrying about the hole burning through your purse. 

Is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth family friendly?

Our evening finished watching The Zutons and dancing along to Valarie – just perfect.

Overall our first visit to Victorious was amazing; I feel like although we did so much and had a great time there was so much more we could of seen and done, so Victorious 2020 here we come! 

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Is Victorious Festival in Portsmouth family friendly?
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