Is the Pacapod Hastings the Perfect Changing Bag?

Pacapod Hastings

When planning for our son to arrive in 2012 I spent a lot of time looking at changing bags… which one offered the best storage? Which one looked the nicest? And which one was the ‘one to have’?! That’s when I came across the Pacapod range. It was new onto the market and offered a more organised and functional solution than other I had seen. So I was sold!

As Hugh grew up and his ‘toolkit’ reduced, I realised that it was time to put my Pacapod in the loft for the next baby. So I went out and purchased a rucksack, this seemed a great solution. It would mean my hands were free to chase after my energetic toddler and it could hold all I needed …and more.

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I found a gender neutral option to please my husband who wasn’t sure about my original ditsy print choice, and we made the switch. Looking back I wouldn’t change this decision. In fact as time went on a fell in love with the rucksack even more and vowed that for the next child we would just go straight to rucksack and not use the changing bag at all.

Well the clever people at Pacapod must have read my mind. Here it was the Hastings, the more perfect than perfect solution – a bag that combined the functional benefits of the Pacapod with the ease of a rucksack. I of course jumped at the chance to test drive it – even if Hugh was fast approaching 4!

So what makes it so good?

Not only does it look great with ‘on trend’ stripes but it is practical. It is made out or durable material which can be wiped clean, great for the winter months and generally for having around children!

The pods themselves provide an easy to use solution for all the stuff you have to carry. Though Hugh is out of nappies for some time, we still carry medicine, spare clothes and wipes – all of which fitted comfortably into the changing pod. The feeder pod if perfect for housing the ‘snacks’ and water bottle. Getting access to these is easy as you open the main section up and grab whichever you need. This solves the endless rummaging to the bottom of the rucksack for that last pack or raisins when meltdown has commenced!
Once the pods are in place there is still room for a few dinosaurs, cars and crayons. You have about 30% capacity still to fill but with the pods holding the essentials this really is only for toys and sunglasses when we are lucky enough!

At the front of the bag is a secure parent’s pocket, room for a phone, car keys and purse, allowing things to be accessible and preventing you from having to empty out the contents to get to it.
I remember choosing my original Pacapod as it had a grab handle as well as a strap; well I’m pleased to say this feature has been carried across. In addition, the straps can be converted into a messenger style which allows you to wear it over your shoulder or across body if the rucksack isn’t for you.

There is no doubt that this Pacapod is perfect for the busyness of family life… 4years on and I think I have found my perfect changing bag!

NB: Emily received the Pacapod in order to review, but all views and opinions are her own.

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Emily lives in Northamptonshire with her husband Andy, little boy Hugh and baby Matilda.

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