Is Paultons Park only about Peppa Pig World?

Is Paultons Park only about Peppa Pig World?

Peppa Pig World is only one small part of Paultons Park and whilst Peppa Pig World gets talked about a lot in reality its only 9 rides out of a family theme park that has over 70 exciting rides. Paultons Park may be the home of peppa pig world but it is also so much more.

If you are looking for a review of Peppa Pig World itself you can find some reviews at the bottom of this post, this is my thoughts on a day at Paultons Park with 7 year old twins and an 8 year old.

Over the Easter holidays we were due to be on the south coast to see friends. I decided to make the trip a little longer and thought we would settle a long standing ambition to visit Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park. The trip was arranged by Hampshire’s Top Attractions which is a fantastic resource where you’ll find many of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight’s top attractions & places to visit with itineraries to help you discover all the fun things to do in Hampshire plus vouchers too!

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Now at 7 and 8 they are a little past Peppa Pig but I’d read a few reviews on Paultons Park and read up on the rides and decided that there was plenty to keep them busy even if they are past the Peppa Pig stage.

What is there at Paultons Park?

Paultons Park is home to Peppa Pig World of course with 9 Peppa-themed fun rides, a large indoor Playzone and Muddy Puddles to jump and play in! There is however also the Lost Kingdom which is a Jurassic land that is home to the mighty Flight of the Pterosaur suspended rollercoaster, the thrilling Velociraptor coaster, lifelike moving Dinosaurs and much more! There is also an area called Critter Creek, plus a collection of animals and birds, all set within 140 acres of beautiful parkland on the edge of the New Forest National Park. There aren’t lots of animals and the zoo is small but it is quite nice to have something different rather than just rides. There is a new area arriving in 2020. We spent most of our time in the Lost Kingdom.

Rides wise there are big rides including roller coasters and little rides and some in-between too.

Is Paultons Park only about Peppa Pig World?

What are the rides like in Paultons Park?

You can see in more detail what the rides are like on the Paultons Park Ride Guide but what we found difficult with the rides was that there seemed to be a lot of rides that were great for little children – not just those in Peppa Pig World but across the park and lots that were suitable for braver older children between say 8 and 13 but seemingly very little for those in-between children, (say 6-8) which is what we had rather than younger children.

Lily and I loved a few of the bigger rides whilst Izzy and Eve (our younger children) waited for us at the side of the rides like Velociraptor and the mighty Flight of the Pterosaur. We might have gone on them a few more times but we felt mean leaving them standing waiting too much whilst we went on. I just had to buy this photo of Lily – sort of loving the ride!

What are the rides like in Paultons Park?

The ride that they all enjoyed and loved and could go on alone was the Cat-O-Pillar ride but sadly that was the only one with the really large queue all day. The rest moved really really quickly. Knotiki was another hit with them.

Is Paultons Park only about Peppa Pig World?

So did Paultons Park work for our 7 and 8 year olds?

The honest answer to that question is sort of. I took the three kids to Paultons Park on my own, which was a little bit difficult. Not difficult in the sense that I was worried about loosing them, that was fine. Paultons Park is a lovely wide open park which feel very safe and but it isn’t too big to be overwhelming like somewhere like Alton Towers can be. The atmosphere around Paultons Park was also lovely. The staff were really friendly and smiley and I was really impressed with how clean and well managed it was.

However 8, rather than 7 seems to be a key age for a lot of the rides and if you’re not 8 then you can’t ride them without a responsible adult. That meant that unless we said one of the twins was 8 we couldn’t go on a lot of the rides as a 4. They easily met the height requirements but the age requirement was tricky for us.

I do however acknowledge that I’m pretty unusual having 3 children of very similar age but I think the age requirement is something to take note of if you’re taking younger children on your own.

For more reviews on Paultons Park, Sam from North East Family Fun has this review and Cathy from Mummy Travels has some information on the aviary and the gardens. If you would like to see fory ourself what the park is like, take a look at Laura’s video of Paultons Park.

Is Paultons Park only about Peppa Pig World?

Where is Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World?

Paultons Park is easy to reach being just off exit 2 of the M27, close to the edge of the New Forest National Park. Follow the brown tourist signs on the motorway. There are also quite a lot of public transport options on their website too.

How much does it cost to visit Paulton’s Park?

Children under 1m are free to visit, but anyone over 1m* high pays £30.50 or £35.75 on the day so it’s definitely worth booking online at least the day before. There is a family ticket available too. *Children must be wearing shoes when being measured for height to make sure the height restrictions are right.

Our ticket cost for the 4 of us would have been £118 if booked in advance, a £21 saving on the day price of £139 which I don’t think is bad value. 

There are some really decent offers on buying 2 days tickets for Paultons Park too to check out.

Where to stay when visiting Paultons Park and Peppa Pig World

We stayed at Southampton Hometel by room2 Southampton when we visited Paultons Park and you can read our review of what we thought of this family friendly accommodation in Southampton.

Southampton Hometel by room2 Southampton Review| Family Friendly Accommodation in Southampton

We also stayed at Holmsley Camping and Caravan site which is only 30 minutes away if you want a different option.

Alternatively there is a huge list of places to stay in this post by Carrie at Flying with a Baby on Hotels near Peppa Pig World.

Why not take a look at Hampshire’s Top Attractions for more places to visit in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. It’s got all the top attractions & places to visit with itineraries to help you discover all the fun things to do in Hampshire plus vouchers too!

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Is Paultons Park only about Peppa Pig World?
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  1. We’ve been to Peppa Pig World a few times and I say that because we never left Peppa Pig World. But, on our last visit we ventured into Paulton’s Park and loved it so much. It’s almost a hidden gem because it seems to be overshadowed by Peppa Pig! x


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