Hatchimals Surprise Review | What is the Hatchimals Surprise?

Hatchimals became 2017’s Christmas Must-Have Toys. They were sold out everywhere and this year it’s likely to be the Hatchimals Surprise Twins!

So what do you get in the box?

  • One Hatchimals Egg
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instructions

What do you do?

Don’t take the Hatchimals out of the box until you are ready to hatch it. Undoing the box and unscrewing the plastic screws activates the egg so don’t do this until the kids are ready!

Once the kids are ready to hatch the egg make sure you have half an hour (more if they are younger) to hatch your Hatchimals.

You’ll need the colour coded Quick Start Guide ready as the ‘egg’ tells the kids what it needs them to do in order to hatch it.

How long does the Hatchimals Surprise take to Hatch?

The box suggests it takes around 20-25 minutes which ours did.

When your Hatchimals is ready to hatch you will see rainbow lights and you need to rub the bottom of the egg to encourage it to break through.   It clicks as your Hatchimals tries to get out and then the beak pecks through.  It flashes white when the Hatchimals is pecking and if it starts showing rainbow lights again then you need to rub the bottom again to encourage it to come out.

So what is the Hatchimals Surprise?

The big Hatchimals Surprise is revealed when the egg starts to hatch – it’s not one Hatchimals it’s. . . TWINS!

You can raise both twins through three stages: from baby, to toddler, to kid and unlock new ways to play at each stage. Best of all, the Hatchimals twins love spending time together and they can really sense and respond to one another – including telling secrets, playing games and dancing – just like my own twins (although maybe less bickering!).

Where can I buy a Hatchimals Surprise?

At the moment they are in stock most places but don’t leave it too late!


Quick Glance Guide

If you have mistakenly ‘lost’ the Quick Start Guide here is a copy:

Hatchimals Surprise Review | What is the Hatchimals Surprise?

Hatchimals Surprise Review | What is the Hatchimals Surprise?


NB:We were sent the Hatchimals Surprise in order to unbox and video!

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  1. barjerow
    October 13, 2017 at 5:15 pm — Reply

    Oh wow!!! How amazing are these? Twin Hatchimals for twins, fabulous!

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