Grimm’s Faerie Feast, The Met


On Thursday evening we were delighted to be invited to attend Grimms Faerie Feast at the Met in Bury. We understood the programme for the night to be one of stories and food! We read that the evening wouldn’t be suitable for under 5 yrs so we left our 2 yr old and decided to spend the evening with our 7 yr old just like it used to be the 3 of us. He was so excited to be going out with just mummy and daddy.

I set the scene to him and described that the play was about the Brothers Grimm who must stop the evil greedy Baron from eating everything in sight! They were to entertain and beguile the Baron with delightful stories whilst integrating culinary treats into the play. The start of the evening was delightful with “Hungry” setting the scene. Freddie loved her singing voice and was then immediately engaged.

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We were however then split into two parts which for us was the most disappointing part of the evening. We were left to look around the Barons room with not many clues for what exactly we were meant to be doing. We were left here for around 20-25 minutes with not much idea of what was going on.

We then went into the theatre and in our opinion this part where you meet the Grimm brothers was the best bit. Freddie really enjoyed this bit. The songs were good, the stories were funny and there was some great acting. The next scene back upstairs again was quite good with “hungry” once again showing off her beautiful voice with a bit of audience participation too. The big feast was the next scene where the Grimm brothers told stories to the evil Baron to try to stop him eating everything around them. In parts this was good but too long in my opinion. My 7 year old had had enough after the second story. This was also where some culinary treats were handed out but again we missed out on these so we didn’t get to try any all evening. In my opinion they should definitely cater for more people and encourage people to pass them around as they certainly looked intriguing.

In summary, this was a good show but it would have been better if the scene in the Barons room was either excluded or more clues were given and in the final scene I think one story is enough. The acting was excellent though and the singing was too. Definitely aimed at the right age too!

NB: We were gifted tickets in order to enable us to review, but all views and opinions are our own.

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