Fun things to do in and outside of Rome with Kids

A Tapsy Tour of the Colosseum in Rome with Kids

Ever wondered what fun things to do in- and outside of Rome with Kids? Here is a Guest Post from EasyTerra about what you might like to do!

What to do & see?

Thinking about visiting Rome with kids? You might think they get bored quickly over being dragged from one to the other ancient church, sculpture, building or museum. However, after reading these activities you’ll soon find out there’s lots of fun and entertaining things to do in and around Rome! You can get there easily by public transportation or rent a car from Rome.

In Rome

#1. Experience what it takes to be a Gladiator

At the Roman Gladiator School children can learn everything about the life of a gladiator! Dressed up in a true gladiator tunic, they learn the basic skills of sword fighting from a real gladiator expert. After two hours of fun and practice, they will be ready to face their opponent in a gladiator tournament (if they want). Who will win? The Gladiator School is a very entertaining and educational way to learn more about the Roman history, sports and culture.

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Price: It might be a bit expensive as it will cost €55, but it’s definitely an unique experience.

Age: minimum age: 6 years

Visiting Rome with Kids

 #2. Play hide and seek in the Colosseum

A visit to Rome cannot be complete without a visit to the Colosseum. Especially when they just became experienced gladiator! Take a guided tour, to learn so much more about the biggest amfitheater of the Roman Empire. Across the Colosseum is the Palatine, the perfect place to take a break from history. Or play a game of hide and seek at the Forum Romanum, filled with temples & triumphal arches.

#3. Learn by playing in Explora

Explora is just one big playground for kids of every age. Ok, parents can join in too. The museum is divided in three parts: children between 0-3 years, between 3-6 years and 6-12 years. In each section children are introduced to science in a very playful way. You can touch and play with everything you see. Who said museums are boring again?

Price: starting at €5

Age: 0-12 years

Open: You can only visit the museum in 4 ‘tours’, each lasting 1 hours and 45 minutes. Closed: all Mondays, December 25th and January 1st.

#4. Go on a ghost-walk in Rome

This activity is only suitable for the brave! ;). During this 1.5 hour evening ghost tour, you’ll wander around the Roman streets in the dark. Of course, you’re not all by yourself, a (English speaking) guide will accompany to keep you safe. Along the way he tells you all the thrilling stories he knows about Romans legends, mysteries and ghosts!  Included sights are Campo de’ Fiori, Piazza Farnese, Via Giulia and Castel Sant’Angelo. Giving you a complete different view of Rome!

 Price: Kids: €20 (0-14), Adults: €25

Age: All ages

Duration: 1 and half hour

Open: from June till September

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#5. Go on a ‘wild’ adventure at the Bioparco Zoo, Villa Borghese

Bioparco Zoo is one of the oldest zoos in Europe, it’s over 100 years old (founded in 1911)! Many of the animals living here were victims of illegal trade. Try to spot all the 220 animal species like the turtles, crocodiles, monkeys, flamingos, seals, tigers, zebras and giraffes! The zoo is open every day, even on Saturdays and Sundays.

Price: Kids: €13 (under 10), Adults: €16 (Bioparco train +€1,50)

Age: All ages

Open:  All year round

Outside Rome

#1. Cool down at the Waterpark Hydromania

After heating up in the warm Roman sun, you can cool off with your kids at the Waterpark Hydromania. Splash around in one of the many the swimming pools or take an exciting ride in the water slides! The staff organizes daily events for all ages, for kids and adults. Such as treasure hunting, races on water slides, water games and aerobic classes. It’s located just outside of Rome (45 minutes by (rental) car). Tickets are available for an entire or half day.

Price: starting at €15

Age: All ages

Open: from June till September

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#2. Catch a ride in Rainbow Magicland

As the name might reveal, this amusement park, is a magical place for the entire family. It’s the third biggest theme park in Italy and has 38 attractions and many amazing shows! From thrilling roller coasters, take a balloon trip in the PopPalla or slide down the raging river in Le Rapide. Have lunch in one of the four restaurants or bring your own to eat in the picnic area. At Magicland you can easily spend a whole day.

Price: Kids starting at: €19 (0-14), Adults  starting from: €24 (Free for children under 1 meter).

Age: All ages

Driving time: 20 minutes

Open: from June till September

 #3. Zoo + Amusement Park= Zoomarine

Only 20 kilometer outside of Rome is Zoomarine. An amusement and educational theme park in one. You can watch and learn more about dolphins, seals, sea lions and tropical birds. But also have fun in the splashy rides and swimming pools! It’s a family fun day out for everyone.

Price: Kids €21 (0-11), Adults: €29. (Free for children under 1 meter).

Age: All ages

Driving time: 1 hour

Open: from March

#4. Escape the city: spend a day at the beach

Just a small ride away, are several beaches to spend a day at. Rent one or two loungers with parasols and you’re all set! Ostia is closest by Rome, so during the summer it could get quite crowded here. Really want to escape the city? Ride down to Anzio / Nettuno or San Felice Circeo, large, quiet and clean beaches. More up north are Santa Marinella and Santa Severa. Have fun making sand castles and relaxing in the sun!

Driving timesOstia Beach: 1 hour, Anzio or Nettuno Beach: 1 hour 40 minutes, San Felice Circeo Beach:  2 hours, Santa Marinella beach: 1.5 hours and Santa Severa beach: 1 hour, 15 minutes.

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#5. Take the car for a spin: fun day trips from Rome

Don’t just limited yourself by only exploring Rome, because there’s so much to see in the surroundings.  Like go on a fun boat trip to the island of Ponza. On the island are many caves to explore, like the famous Circe cave. Afterwords take a dive into the azure blue water and go snorkeling to spot fish!

For some impressive medieval towns you can visit Orvieto, Spoleto and Viterbo. Of course you could go to further cities like Pompeii, Venice or Bologna. By car these places are too far away (unless you plan to stay overnight), but with the high-speed train you could get there within a few hours.

Do you have more fun activities to expand the list? Hit the comments below!


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