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What a great family day out at Farmer Teds in Ormskirk come rain or shine.

Farmer Teds Farm is quite clearly a farm but it is also so much more. Being about an hour away from us, just north of Liverpool we first went earlier this year on our way up to Ribby Hall, Nr Blackpool and have been 3 times since.

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Today’s visit was in beautiful sunshine and our Mini Travellers had a fantastic time running around with their friends whilst I sat with some (sightly older) friends and enjoyed a long overdue catch up.

We got there (as is our way) for opening time and after paying the £27.50 (ouch) high season entrance fee for me and the three girls we made our way to the mini tractors.  Once we get there it is difficult to move them away but 10.30 brings Meet the Chicks and the Guinea Pig which is a firm favourite as the kids get to touch them/terrorise them..

Mini Travellers - Farmer Teds Farmer Teds in Ormskirk

Once we get to Farmer Teds in Ormskirk it is difficult to move them away but 10.30 brings Meet the Chicks and the Guinea Pigs which is a firm favourite as the kids get to touch them/terrorise them..

Mini Travellers - Farmer Teds in Ormskirk

Mini Travellers -Farmer Teds in Ormskirk


Our friends arrived at that point so it was time to try and catch up.  So after some more tractor time, we wandered through the barns watching the goats climb their aerial runway (!) well they are mountain pygmy goats, and looking at how much the baby piglets had grown since we had first seem them as newborns in May.  It was time to meet the Llamas so we went out to the very large playground to find a picnic bench so the youngest of our party (4 months) could have a feed and the others could meet a LLama.  However our 5 (under 4’s) ran off to explore the sand pit, the slides, the combine harvester/tractor or fire engine depending on who you asked, and the swings.

The space at Farmer Teds in Ormskirk is cleverly designed so that you can see all the different areas and you don’t have to worry about where the kids are going. They also issue all children with a wrist band on the way in and suggest you write your mobile number on it, in case you lose one!

As we have toddlers lunch, especially when a picnic is involved, is around 11.30 so we all sat at one of the many picnic benches. We could have sat outside but we wanted a cup of tea too, so we moved to the very new and large indoor playbarn with picnic tables and soft play. There is also a cafe where you need to eat the food you buy from them, but it is impressive that they have created indoor picnic eating in my view. I have eaten at the cafe and the food was surprisingly good (for places of this type). ted'sFarmer Teds in Ormskirk


After lunch all our kids played on the zip wire which was empty because the older kids were at the magic show and we then returned to the outdoor playground for another hour or so.

It was then time for the train and the tractor ride.  This place really does have it all. The train is an extra £1 per head (over 4’s really) but the tractor ride is a free for all.  All of mine love both. ted's Farmer Teds in Ormskirk farmer ted's Farmer Teds in Ormskirk

The kids (and the adults if we were honest) were starting to flag by 3.00pm but we couldn’t leave before Meet the Bugs. Chance to stroke a lizard, a snake and hold a frog!!! farmer ted's Farmer Teds in Ormskirk farmer ted's Farmer Teds in Ormskirk

We headed home tired but having had a fantastic day out at Farmer Teds in Ormskirk . Next time we need to make time for the pony grooming, meet the ferrets and the sheep racing!  Farmer Teds we will be back.


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Farmer Teds in Ormskirk


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  1. A great day out with everything you could ask for. We visited with children aged 6 months to 14 years and there really is something for everyone. The teenager sized go carts and ferret racing were also a favourite with us!

  2. This is on my list of places to visit, I heard they do a good Christmas thing too. It does seem expensive but ithey looks like there is plenty to do. Thanks for linking up #sundaystars x

  3. This is literally down the road from us and we have NEVER been! It looks amazing and will be on our list for the summer when Lucy is a little bigger – fab piccies xxx

  4. Looks like you all had a fantastic time! I love places like this where the children get to fully interact with the animals.
    Thanks for linking up with #SundayStars x


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