What to do in Dubai on Vacation

What to do in Dubai on Vacation

Dubai, known for its towering skyscrapers, luxury shopping, and vibrant culture, is a versatile destination that caters to both family vacationers and business travelers. Whether you’re planning a memorable family getaway or seeking a balance between work and leisure, Dubai has something to offer for everyone.

In this article, we’ll provide useful insights into how you can spend time in Dubai, ensuring an enjoyable experience, whether you’re traveling with children or on a business trip. Cozy hotels, well-developed infrastructure, and many modern services and entertainment await tourists who come to rest in Dubai. Guests here feel safe and feel the friendly attitude of the local population. If you wish, you can save on expensive services and use more affordable ones, so tourists with different financial capabilities can relax here.

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Have you come to rest with family? Or are you on a business trip? Perhaps you have come to combine vacations and buy villas in Jumeirah Village Circle for investment? After all, Dubai opens up opportunities for both tourism and business. A family vacation or business trip to Dubai is rarely complete without visiting the beach and swimming in the gentle waters of the Persian Gulf. The city is built on the shores of a warm and fairly calm sea. Many areas are suitable for swimming on the coast, covered with fine and soft white sand. Entrance to many of them remains free, but the difference, as a rule, lies in the presence of the usual beach attributes. The most important factor is the ability to select the most appropriate holiday location. Therefore, it is useful to read the description of the main features of the best beaches in Dubai.

Family-friendly attractions

Dubai is home to various family-friendly attractions that will keep children engaged and entertained. Start your adventure with a visit to Dubai Parks and Resorts, a jampacked entertainment destination featuring theme parks and resorts like Motiongate Dubai, Bollywood Parks, and Legoland Dubai. For a fun-filled aquatic experience, head to Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark or Wild Wadi Waterpark. Another must-visit spot is the Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, where kids can marvel at marine life through the largest acrylic viewing panel in the world.

Educational and cultural experiences

Dubai also offers several educational and cultural experiences suitable for family travel. Take your children to KidZania Dubai, an indoor edutainment center where they can role-play different professions, fostering creativity and learning. The Dubai Miracle Garden, with its stunning floral displays, is guaranteed to captivate both young and old. Additionally, a visit to the Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi Fort provides a glimpse into the city’s rich history and heritage.

What to do in Dubai on Vacation

Marina Beach

One of the most prevalent free beaches is Marina Beach. It is located in a prestigious resort area of the metropolis and is adjacent to a complex of glass high-rise buildings intended for wealthy property buyers. Multi-storey modern architecture buildings are found along the coastline, partly occupied by a public beach.

The waters of the Persian Gulf separate the beach from the artificial island of Bluewaters, located opposite the world’s tallest Ferris wheel. You can use the footbridge to see the island’s sights if you wish. The popularity of Marina Beach, 1.7 km long, is due to a fairly developed infrastructure. There are free showers and toilets, playgrounds and sports grounds. 

Fun-Filled Family Adventures at Marina Beach: A Memorable Getaway for Kids

Marina Beach is a popular destination known for its picturesque coastline, golden sands, and vibrant atmosphere. With its myriad of attractions and activities, Marina Beach provides the perfect setting for an unforgettable family outing. Now, we’ll explore the various ways you can enjoy Marina Beach with children, ensuring a fun-filled and memorable experience for the whole family.

Building Sandcastles: One of the simplest yet most delightful activities at the beach is building sandcastles. Encourage your children to unleash their creativity as they mold sand into different shapes and structures. Engage in friendly competitions to see who can build the tallest castle or the unique design. This activity not only fosters imagination, but also provides an opportunity for family bonding and teamwork.

Playing Beach Games: Marina Beach offers ample space for various beach games that will keep children entertained for hours. Pack a Frisbee, a volleyball, or a beach ball and engage in exciting games with your little ones. Whether you’re diving and catching a ball in the water or enjoying a friendly game of beach volleyball, these activities promote physical activity and coordination, all while enjoying the refreshing sea breeze.

Taking a Horse or Camel Ride: For a unique experience, take your little ones on a horse or camel ride along the shoreline. The gentle stroll with a friendly animal companion will create lasting memories for your children. Capture the moment by taking photos against the backdrop of the vast ocean, creating timeless mementos of your family adventure.

Flying Kites: Marina Beach’s expansive stretch of sand provides an ideal location for flying kites. Bring along colorful kites and let your children experience the joy of seeing their creations soar high above the beach. Join them in the excitement, or watch as their smiles light up the sky. This activity combines fun, outdoor play, and a touch of creativity.

Marina Beach offers a treasure trove of experiences for families with children. From building sandcastles and playing beach games to indulging in delicious street food and enjoying horse or camel rides, there is never a dull moment at this vibrant destination. Take the opportunity to disconnect from everyday routines and create lasting memories with your children while basking in the beauty of Marina Beach.

La Mer Beach

This beach is well equipped and therefore has become very popular with tourists. It is part of an entire tourist district designed for a relaxing and comfortable stay for visitors of all ages. Among the many amenities of a beach holiday, there is a parking lot for 1,100 cars, air-conditioned lounges, and places to charge mobile phones and tablets. On the territory of the sea coast, 2.5 km long, many vacationers can be accommodated simultaneously.

Fun-Filled Family Time at La Mer Beach: Creating Unforgettable Moments with Kids

Dubai, renowned for its stunning beaches, offers a range of amazing destinations for families to enjoy quality time together. One such popular spot is La Mer Beach, a vibrant beachfront development that combines sun, sea, and an array of entertainment options. Whether you’re a resident or just visiting, La Mer Beach provides the perfect setting for a memorable day out with your kids.

Splashing in the Sea: La Mer Beach boasts crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy shores, making it ideal for swimming and splashing around. The gentle waves and shallow waters allow children to safely enjoy the beach. Watch as your little ones build sandcastles, dip their toes in the waves, or create memories by simply playing in the water. Remember to bring sunscreen and ensure everyone stays hydrated throughout the day.

Aqua Fun Park: La Mer Beach is home to an exciting Aqua Fun Park, a floating water park featuring inflatable slides, trampolines, and obstacle courses. Kids of all ages will love the thrill of navigating the various challenges and quirks of the park. With trained lifeguards on hand, parents can relax and watch their children have a blast in this colorful aquatic playground.

Hawa Hawa Playground: Adjacent to the beach, you’ll find the whimsical Hawa Hawa playground, an iconic play area shaped like colossal hammocks. With rope bridges, climbing nets, and gentle slopes, children can explore this unique playground and let their imagination soar. Capture stunning photos of your kids having a blast against the backdrop of the Arabian Sea.

Indulge in Delicious Treats: La Mer Beach offers a wide range of dining options catering to all tastes and preferences. Treat your kids to delightful ice creams, milkshakes, or other tempting snacks available at various stalls and eateries along the beach. Indulging in these delicious treats will keep everyone energized and add to the overall enjoyment of the day.

Beachside Shopping and Entertainment: La Mer Beach is more than just sun and sea; it features a vibrant shopping and entertainment district. Stroll along the bustling streets lined with trendy boutiques, art galleries, and souvenir shops. You can also enjoy street performers and live music, adding an extra touch of excitement and charm to your family outing.

What to do in Dubai on Vacation

Al Sufuh Beach

Many simply do not notice Al Sufouh Beach on the map of Dubai beaches, as it is located between such bright sights of the metropolis as the rich Dubai Marina and the new man-made island Palm Jumeirah. However, tourists say this free beach is the best area to unwind and appreciate the beauty and amenities. The beach is part of a new residential area where apartments can be rented. There are many green palm trees in the well-groomed urban area. For the entry of personal cars, restrictive signs are installed 150 meters before the recreation area. Therefore, the atmosphere of a huge city is almost not felt on the beach itself, and there is no usual infrastructure.

Family Fun at Al Sufuh Beach: Creating Endless Memories with Your Kids

Explore the wonders of Al Sufuh Beach and the various activities that make it an ideal destination for family outings with children.

Relaxation and Beach Exploration: Al Sufuh Beach is the perfect place to unwind and soak up the sun with your kids. The calm and clear blue waters provide a safe environment for swimming, while the soft sands make for a comfortable beach setting. Take a leisurely stroll along the shore, build sandcastles, or simply relax under the warm Arabian sun. Let your children explore the shoreline and discover the fascinating marine life such as seashells, crabs, and small fish.

Picnic by the Sea: Pack a picnic and enjoy a delicious meal with your loved ones while taking in the breathtaking views at Al Sufuh Beach. Spread out a beach mat or find a picnic table, and savor a homemade lunch while listening to the gentle sound of the waves. Remember to leave the area clean and dispose of any waste responsibly to help preserve the beach’s natural beauty.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving: For families with older children, Al Sufuh Beach offers excellent opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving. The clear waters provide a glimpse into the vibrant underwater world, showcasing colorful corals and a variety of marine species. Make sure everyone wears appropriate safety gear and consider hiring an experienced guide to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Sports and Beach Games: Al Sufuh Beach provides ample space for various beach games and sports activities. Bring along a ball, frisbee, or beach volleyball set, and engage in friendly competitions with your kids. Teach them how to play beach cricket or soccer, encouraging teamwork and physical activity. These energetic games will keep everyone entertained while enjoying the beauty of the beach.

Sunset Magic: Al Sufuh Beach boasts breathtaking views, particularly during sunset. Witness the sky transform into vibrant hues of orange and pink as the sun dips below the horizon. Capture stunning family photos against this picturesque backdrop, immortalizing the memories made on this special day.

Jumeirah Open Beach

The huge popularity of Jumeirah Open Beach was facilitated by the competent marketing of the owners of local hotels in its vicinity. They provide a convenient and fast hotel-beach-hotel transfer, which is included in the total price of the stay. Lying on the white sand of the sea coast, you can admire the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa, and other beauties of Dubai architecture. The beach has changing rooms, showers, and toilets; sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented. 

Kite Beach

Kite Beach is especially attractive for surfers among paid and free beaches in Dubai. Here you can always see colorful kites soaring in the sky. According to the reviews of tourists who rested on this beach, there are excellent conditions for a quiet and comfortable stay. Near the beach area, there is a modern-developed infrastructure and many shops.

Kite Beach with Kids: A Perfect Family Destination for Fun-filled Adventures

Located along the vibrant coastline of Dubai, Kite Beach is a popular destination that offers an exciting array of activities and attractions for families, making it an ideal spot for a memorable day out with kids. With its golden sands, cool sea breeze, and stunning views, Kite Beach provides the perfect backdrop for a fun-filled adventure. In this article, we’ll explore the wonders of Kite Beach and highlight the numerous activities that make it such a fantastic destination for families with children.

Known for its ideal conditions for kiteboarding and watersports enthusiasts, Kite Beach offers a thrilling experience for those seeking adrenaline-pumping adventures. However, it is also an exceptional destination for families with children, offering a range of activities suitable for all ages.

One of the main highlights of Kite Beach is, of course, kite flying. Children will be overjoyed as they watch their colorful kites dance across the clear blue sky. Families can bring their own kites or purchase them from one of the many vendors at the beach. The wide open space at Kite Beach allows ample room for kite flying and guarantees an exhilarating experience for all.

For those looking to engage in water activities, Kite Beach offers a variety of options. Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a popular choice, with calm waters providing the perfect setting for beginners and children to try their hand at this fun activity. SUP lessons and rental options are available, making it easy for families to get started and enjoy the thrill of gliding along the water.

Another fantastic water activity for kids is kayaking. Rent a kayak and explore the coastline, enjoying the tranquility of the sea and the beautiful views of Dubai’s skyline. The calm waters at Kite Beach make it suitable for even young children to join in on the adventure, with double kayaks available for families to paddle together.

When it’s time to take a break from the sun and water, families can enjoy a leisurely walk or bike ride along the beachfront promenade. Rent bicycles or rollerblades from one of the rental shops and explore the lively atmosphere while soaking in the stunning views. The promenade also offers various food stalls and cafés, providing a perfect opportunity to grab a snack or enjoy a delicious meal with your family.

Additionally, Kite Beach features several playgrounds with slides, swings, and climbing frames, ensuring that even the youngest members of the family have a fantastic time. The well-maintained play areas provide a safe space for kids to run, jump, and let their imaginations roam free.

As the day comes to a close, Kite Beach provides the perfect setting to witness a breathtaking sunset. Families can relax on the sand or sit on one of the beachside benches, enjoying the beautiful colors as the sun dips below the horizon.

Mercato Beach

This is one of the best free beaches in Dubai. On one side of the coast of the Persian Gulf, it borders the beach of La Mer, and on the other side, it adjoins the harbor for fishing boats. The silence and calm atmosphere contribute to a comfortable family vacation. Nearby is a huge shopping center, which is popular with tourists. The sandy strip occupies a part of the coast 1.5 km long and about 300 m wide. The entrance to the water is quite convenient and gentle. Necessary amenities such as toilets and changing rooms can be found on the nearby free beach.

Barasti Beach Club

Barasti Beach Club attracts many locals and guests of the United Arab Emirates thanks to the famous nightclub on the coast of the sea bay:

  • The territory of the beach club belongs to the prestigious area of Dubai Marina.
  • You have a magnificent view of the bay’s waters and urban development from here.
  • Lying on the warm sand, you can admire the sails of the yachts parked at the local nautical club.
  • There are comfortable sunbeds, toilets, and showers. A huge screen is installed on the sand, where vacationers can watch sports matches.

Dubai – a city of numerous opportunities

Dubai effortlessly combines family-friendly attractions and business opportunities, making it an extraordinary destination for both vacations and business trips. Whether you’re exploring theme parks and cultural landmarks with your children or attending conferences and networking events, Dubai offers a perfect balance between leisure and work for every traveler. Embrace the stunning architecture, indulge in world-class cuisine, and create lasting memories in this remarkable city. According to Emirates.Estate, Dubai is not only a city for your traveling or amusement but also a city that opens a broad spectrum of prosperous investments in property. After having relaxed on the most wonderful beaches in various city districts, consider staying here and searching for a real estate in Dubai that satisfies all your needs. You can find proerty for rent, from a developer or in a just constructed residential complex.

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