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A day trip post by the lovely Laura who blogs at and can be found on twitter @mummytoboyz. 

It was our last day of holiday and we had to check out by 10 but we weren’t ready to head home. There was a mist over the sea so instead of hitting the beach we went to Devon’s Crealy.

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We knew it wasn’t busy by the lack of cars in the car park so were hopeful for short queues.
You have to enter & exit through the gift shop – the boy was easily distracted on the way on with the big blue slide in his sights.
This was the Vortex which is three water slides all different which you go down in a boat. The boy went with an adult. The boy preferred the twisting one (probably as you get wet!) the husband liked the straight one whilst I preferred the bumpy one. All great and no queue so we could go round again. It was only the twisty one which got you wet unless you sit in a wet boat.
Keen for the young one to have a go on a ride we headed for the train and saw an awesome  park with ball launchers in the middle of the track which we knew we would have to visit.
I was pleased to see we could all go on the carousel and the young one enjoyed going up and down on his horse. The boy was extremely interested in the mechanics of the old steam carousel which were still on show. This was also the place we had our one and only family picture of the whole holiday.
Lunch time & we struggled to find a shaded spot for our picnic. There were plenty of benches but they were all in the sun with no umbrella. We found one by the log flume.
We headed for the animals and cooed over the little chicks, lambs, kid goats & goals. We were also able to see spot all of the insects.

O was keen to go on the log flume again and with it being a scorcher of a day he was thankful of the soaking to cool down. I took L into the indoor soft play so he would be able to have some fun too. I thought it was going to be too hot inside but it was a big building and actually felt cool. The boy & daddy joined us for a bit before we headed for the go karts.

You have to pay extra for the go karts (£4 for a double & £3 for a single) and need cash to exchange for a token. I went on with the boy and the boy loved it! I swear our kart was slowed down at times as I had pedal to the metal yet we weren’t the fastest on the track.
I was disappointed that the splash zone was closed and the dining cars weren’t open yet.
Daddy & the boy went on the water boats and tried to get us wet with the piddly jet. We got them back by soaking daddy & some ransoms with the water cannon even if it did cost us a £1 a go.

After a pit stop at the pirate slides we had ice-creams and played on the remote control pirate ships which are now free. Some of these didn’t work but no.9 was definitely the fastest!
We went panning for gold which is also free and were lucky enough to find a few nuggets. The boy exchanged these for a certificate  for his efforts.
We headed inside to the giant slides – WOW!
None of us were brave enough to try the red death slide but some of the kids were made of sterner stuff.

I was a bit naughty and took the young one down the slide with me and he loved it – can you hear his giggles?

Finally it was time to head for home and after the gift shop we were on our way. A great family day. Although there wasn’t much that the young could on we still had fun.

I would say its best suited for children over 92cm in height & under 8’s.
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2 thoughts on “Devon’s Crealy”

  1. I wrote a little about Crealy in my blog on Haven Devon Cliffs (I think) we had a fab time there, so much to do & you can exchange Tesco vouchers for entry.
    The splash zone was open for us, but you have to take proper swim wear, & it was a huge hit.
    A lot of the food kiosks weren’t open, I assume because the place wasn’t very busy they had to cut back on staff – but this place is a real treasure for kids over the height limit (98 cm I think, my daughter was 1cm shy so couldn’t go on anything unaccompanied but still could go on a lot) up to around age 10.


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