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Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig, National Trust

On Saturday morning we met The Ordinary Lovely family at Erddig for another #UKexplore meet up. We had previously met up with them at Erddig for the Apple Festival in September which you can read about here, but this time it was for two reasons – to have Breakfast with Father Christmas and to go on the Alice in Wonderland Garden Trail (which you can read about here).

Having done quite a lot of Christmas activities this year I can honestly say that this was one of the best value events we have been to, and as we paid for the Father Christmas breakfast and are members of the National Trust, the day was in no way sponsored at all. I’m simply writing about it because we loved it.

Suitable for Kids aged 0-10 (and any bigger kids too!)

Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig National Trust

For a mere £8.50 per head for adults and £9.50 per child you get a full Welsh breakfast, the kids get a present from Father Christmas, you get to take photos with him, he tells a story (albeit quite a convoluted one) you can sing Christmassy songs and then you get access to Erddig 2 hours before anyone else! Absolutely fantastic value and a thoroughly wholesome experience.

Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig National Trust

On arrival at 9am you are greeted warmly in reception by Mother Christmas before being led into the restaurant and shown to your table. You have to book early for this experience as they can only seat around 40 people per sitting so there aren’t many chances to get tickets.  Highly recommended for next year though.

Father Christmas arrives shortly after everyone is seated and starts to immediately entertain the kids with a ‘I can’t see anyone sketch’ and he has the kids shouting ‘we are behind you’ livening them up straight away.

Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig National Trust

It was around 9.30 by the time it was our tables turn to head up for breakfast and the kids chose bacon sandwiches, coco pops and brioche, whilst Matt and I had a full Welsh each. You could go back up and get more food or drinks too whilst the entertainment continued.

Santa made a personal visit to each table asking for names and ages before handing out presents. Our presents were pottery decorations to paint and then hang on the tree whilst the youngest Ordinary Lovely got a family of rubber ducks.

Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig National Trust

Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig National Trust

Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig National Trust

The sing song and story was a little hard to follow at times but it added to the fun and it was a nice touch that all the kids could have their photo taken with Father Christmas next to the tree. So many events now take your photo and try and sell it to you.

After breakfast we headed out into the gardens for the Alice in Wonderland Trail to see what we thought of that simply click here!

To find out what The Ordinary Lovely family thought of their day out click here too!

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Breakfast with Father Christmas at Erddig National Trust



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  1. barjerow
    December 14, 2016 at 8:00 am — Reply

    What a lovely event, and it’s not often you see Father Christmas playing a banjo!!

  2. December 18, 2016 at 11:30 am — Reply

    How cool is Father Christmas with his banjo, he is one talented guy. This is indeed great value for money with everything that is included. Lovely pictures Karen x

  3. January 2, 2017 at 6:30 am — Reply

    […] also loved being outdoors.  We met up with Rachel and her family at Erddig again this time to have Breakfast with Father Christmas, but also to try out the new Alice in Wonderland Trail.  It was good wholesome […]

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