Black Rock Sands, Porthmadog, Wales

Black Rock Sands

We went to Black Rock Sands on the second day of our holiday at Gwynfryn Farm and loved it. It had been recommended by my brother and his wife who went the first week of July with their young family.

You head into Porthmadog, and turn up the road at the side of the Factory Shop.  You pretty much drive to the end of that road until you see the signpost to the beach. It costs £6 to park on the beach, you need cash but there is an attendant so you don’t need  change.  Just near the entrance there are toilets and a burger van ( we didn’t try it but it seemed popular).

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What we loved about the beach was the vastness, the rock pools and the fact that you could take your car on the beach. We could leave the picnic in the car, we could leave the girls sleeping in it if we needed to do so, and when we were done with the fun, we could very quickly pack up and head home. For us with 3 Mini Travellers this is a very nice thing indeed.  Whilst we loved the solitary nature of Porth Ceriad for us you couldn’t beat the convenience of taking the car down actually onto the beach itself.

Now when I mention to others that we loved Black Rock Sands, the usual reaction has been shock/surprise/aghast. Comments like ‘what really Black Rock Sands???’.  I couldn’t understand it until I thought about the fact that they were probably thinking about Black Rock Sands in August, when car after car was lined up on the beach and you would be worried that the cars wouldn’t see your toddlers running around. This is however what it looked like for us. It was amazing.


This girls flung off their clothes straight away and went running into the sea.


They climbed on rocks and posed for photos like Victorian ladies (well sort of):


We had our picnic by the car. Thank you again to Crushed who sent us some squeezies to try. We loved them and have ordered more of our own from Ocado to take on future picnics.


The ice cream van came along so we had to take full advantage of that ‘Mummy look!! Look!! There is an ice cream van actually driving on the beach!!! Mummy look’


And then to make sure they didn’t melt in the sun, they got in the boot


And to top it all off we found crabs in the rock pools


When it was time to leave, our Mini Travellers basically kissed the crabs goodbye as they poured them back into the water, and as we drove off they were shouting ‘we will come back soon crabs and see you’.  And so we will.

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  1. Wow, that does look like a fantastic place. How wonderful to drive on the beach with 3 little ones. I would have loved that. The beach and water looks like a lot of fun, especially the crabs. They were brave picking them up!
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. You can tell you are away after the schools have gone back the beach looks so lovely and deserted and the weather has been simply wonderful for your holiday. Lovely to see your little ones enjoying the beach in summer beach wear. Thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids


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