Apramo Flippa Dining Booster Review

Apramo Flippa Dining Booster Review

Al fresco dining with the Apramo Flippa Dining Booster

All parents know an active toddler can be a little challenging at meal times so we were keen to review the Apramo Flippa dining booster seat.

As a family we love to picnic and eat outside but with a VERY active one year old who also loves her food, alfresco dining for Matilda usually involves running around, dropping her food, leaving it in various places and living by the ‘5 second rule’.

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The day the Apramo Flippa dining booster seat arrived we were off to our local street food festival where we have spent many chaotic visits chasing Matilda around trying to make her sit down and eat. So it felt like the perfect opportunity to test it out.

Using the Apramo Flippa dining booster seat at a local street food family festival

The Apramo Flippa dining booster seat is lightweight and when folded surprisingly compact despite how big it is when in use. It has a tray attached which can be removed and the waist straps help to ensure that there is no escaping from the seat. The feet on the bottom of the seat can be adjusted and when we used it on uneven grass this helped to make it more steady. There is an option of purchasing a carry bag to slip it into to make it easy to carry around but we managed to fit it under our pushchair.

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The Apramo Flippa dining booster seat packed away in its transport bag for travel

For our first outing with the Apramo Flippa dining booster seat we set it up and used it on the floor. Matilda happily jumped in and with the tray attached we managed to have a very peaceful time as she sat demolishing her dinner. She got filthy and I found that the seat was very easy to clean up. It is quite a simple design so doesn’t have lots of nooks and crannies to get food lost in. It does have material straps but after a brownie explosion these wiped up okay with a baby wipe.

The Apramo Flippa dining booster seat is great for travelling, thanks to its handy carry bag

We have since taken the Apramo Flippa with us to picnics and BBQ’s, and it has been much admired. It solves the problem of a running off toddler which meant one of you had to always be on the run. In fact whilst Matilda has enjoyed her food in the Flippa, I have even been able to peacefully enjoy a glass of prosecco or two!

Having tested it outside we have since replaced our clip on highchair with it at home. It makes Matilda that little bit higher and therefore helps whilst she’s learning to feed herself. We use it without the tray and it pulls up closely to our dining table. It fits to our dining chairs very securely, it uses 2 straps, one to the back and one to the underneath which can both be adjusted to fit. I gave it a firm shake when I first attached it and the only thing that moved was the chair itself which was reassuring.

Using the Apramo Flippa dining booster seat as a highchair at home

The Apramo Flippa retails at £44.99, in my opinion a good price as it is so versatile. We use it on a daily basis at home but also it is thrown into the car when we know we may need it whilst out. The carry bag comes separately, it makes it easier to transport though not essential. I know a few of my friends have invested after seeing Matilda in hers – she’s such a trend setter!

NB: I was asked to review the Apramo Flippa Dining Booster, but all the opinions are my own.


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