A review of Kynren – An Epic Tale of England

A review of Kynren - An Epic Tale of England

The question I’ve been asked on social media the most since we went to Kynren on Friday night is ‘Is it worth it’? Is Kynren worth the cost?

YES emphatically is my answer, Kynren is most definitely worth the cost and definitely worth the trip. Yes it can be expensive for a family but so is the theatre and actually with tickets starting from £25 per adult for bronze seats and kids at 50% of that cost (there honestly isn’t a bad seat either) a family of 4 (with under 12’s can visit for £75.) There aren’t many theatre shows you can say that about.

So is Kynren suitable for Kids?

One of my 6 year olds described it as epic, the other said she just didn’t have the words to describe it, and the seven year old told everyone that she didn’t just like it – she LOVED it.

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It’s history maxed out!

For me – it left me with a warm fuzzy feeling and a sense that I had just watched something as special as the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2012.  A wonderful uplifting English evening.

NB: We received press tickets to see Kynren and absolutely loved it!

A review of Kynren - An Epic Tale of England

So what is Kynren?

Kynren is an outdoor live action show taking you through 2,000 years of history, myth and legend. It’s the story of England performed by a cast and crew of over 1000 people. There are simply magnificent sets, stunts and combat, perfect horsemanship, stunning pyrotechnics and amazing special effects all set to music that is uplifting and wonderful on its own.

There are too many scenes at we loved but stand out ones were scenes from 1066, Henry 8th, Queen Victoria, Football during WW2 on Christmas Day, Winston Churchill’s speech, post WW1 festivities and those incredible finale fireworks. Oh and the train – who knew there was going to be a train!

I’d read the reviews before I went and I tried to imagine what I was going to see, but I couldn’t. I don’t think you can, it’s one of the hardest things about this type of show, you can’t imagine the feeling it is going to rouse in you – you just have to go and experience it to know what I mean!

Don’t just take my word for it though, check out these reviews from North East Family Fun from 2017 and 2018 and the exceptional 5* Tripadvisor reviews.

You can also take a look at their trailer here!

Where is Kynren?

Kynren takes place in the grounds of Auckland Castle in Bishop Auckland in County Durham in the North East of England. Check out the Binchester Roman Fort if you’re there for the day and Escomb Church too!

How much are tickets to Kynren?

Tickets vary in price from £59 for ‘diamond’ to £25 for ‘bronze. We were lucky enough to be sat in Diamond seats which are situated right in the centre of the stage giving you an incredible view.  The diamond seats are also padded with back rests  – brand new for 2018, is apparently that they come with 8cm extra space between each giving you a bit more room.

There’s also discounts for young adults (12-15) and for children aged four to 11. Children 3 and under are free when sat on an adults knee.

Kynren Seating Plan

You can now book your tickets by using a seating plan, which gives you a really helpful idea of where is busy and where the available seats are in which section.

When you watch the show it feels a little like you’re at a tennis match as the action takes place all over and processions start from both sides, your head is continually moving from side to side.

What time does Kynren start?

Performance times vary depending on the date, but they will either be 9.30pm until 11pm, 9pm until 10.30pm, 8.30pm until 10pm, 8pm until 9.30pm, or 7.30pm until 9pm.  The later the  date in the year the earlier the start time.  All due to when it goes dark for that spectacular finale.

Check them here.

When is Kynren on in 2018?

The dates that are still available to book for 2018 are Friday & Saturday 10 & 11 August, Friday & Saturday 17th, 18th August, Saturday & Sunday 25th & 26th August, Friday 31st August ad Saturday 1st September; Saturday 8th and Saturday 15th September.

Where can I park at Kynren?

There are over 2000 car parking spaces available, some with priority very close to the stage, others you need to use a shuttle bus to get to. You have to remember whatever you choose that up to 7,000 people will be leaving all at the same time after, so be prepared to queue.

Facilites at Kynren

There are more toilets than I have ever seen anywhere. We didn’t queue once. Genuinely incredible and very well organised. Clean and plentiful. Some sort of miracle right there.

Can I take Food into Kynren?

You can’t take food into the venue, if you do take it you’ll be asked to leave it on a table at the security entrance and you can collect on your return.

You can take water in, but only in plastic bottles not flasks.  Read the up to date rules on this directly on the website though before you visit.

There is however a fantastic food village with really reasonable priced food and drinks. Having just been to a festival in the South of England where a can of cider (not even a pint)cost £6, to buy two cans of pop and 2 bottles of water for £6 was impressive indeed – or maybe this is just indicative of North East prices, whatever it is it was good value.

Kynren Volunteers

A special mention has to go to all the amazing Kynren team, many of whom are volunteers. Their enthusiasm for what you’re going to see on the way in, and all the questions when you come out about what you loved with genuine smiles and kindness is the sort of experience one can only have in the North East.   Thank you isn’t really enough for what these volunteers bring to the experience, you can see the pride they have in it in every action.

You can buy tickets to watch Kynren 2018 here. Performances run from June – September.

By the way if you do love Kynren, you should check out Puy du Fou in France. Puy du Foy is where Kynren gained it’s inspiration. We are visiting in August this year and cannot wait!

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  1. We were at the same show. It was absolutely fantastic. My six year old has attention issues, but Kynren kept him enthralled. He did not know where to look next. He kept saying “Wow”, especially when the Viking ship came out of the water and the soldiers were firing lit arrows. He wants to be part of it next year.

    It too, reminded me of the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.


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