9 Things to do in Blackpool for Free

Coral Island Blackpool

Blackpool is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK with so many amazing attractions. However, it is not renowned for being a cheap holiday but it can be made a lot more affordable if you know where to go. Which is why we are sharing these 9 things to do in Blackpool for free, with you.

Things to do in Blackpool for free

The Beach

Blackpool is a sea side town so a visit to the beach is a must. Here you can build sandcastles, relax with a book or even go for a dip in the sea. The beaches in Blackpool span across 7 miles from Star Gate to Anchorsholme with three piers jutting out at various places, all of which are also free to wander around and take in the sights.

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Comedy Carpet

The Comedy Carpet is opposite Blackpool Tower in the middle of the promenade. It contains the work of over 1000 comedians with a number of funny jokes, hilarious one liners and famous catchphrases cemented into the floor itself, meaning you can walk all over it discovering new material as you go. The Comedy Carpet celebrates the greatest comedians of all times and is definitely worth a visit if you fancy a giggle. It is also a favourite place for local street performers to hang out, so you may even get some free live entertainment whilst you’re there.

Grundy Art Gallery

The Grundy Art Gallery is situated on Queen Street and is free to enter. It is currently open Tuesdays to Thursdays between 10am and 4:45pm. It houses both contemporary and visual art exhibitions and is a lovely place to visit if you enjoy art, want to learn more about the history of Blackpool artists, or are looking for things to do in Blackpool for free on a rainy day.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park is the biggest park in Blackpool. It is across the road from Blackpool Zoo with a free car park on West Park Drive, FY3 9HU. Here you will find a number of free things to do for the whole family including two parks, one for those aged 2-8 and the other for the 8-14’s, a skate park, and several tennis courts. Stanley Park is also great for those that want to enjoy a walk as you can explore the grounds for free and discover the beautiful landscaped gardens, picturesque water feature, boating lake and historic buildings, at your own leisure. There is a café in Stanley Park as well as numerous vendors selling ice creams and light refreshments but if you are wanting to keep costs down then remember to pack your picnic as you can easily stay for the day.

Things to do in Blackpool for free that are date specific

Blackpool loves to entertain. They have some incredible events that see people traveling from across the UK to attend. So, if you haven’t booked your trip yet then here are some things to do in Blackpool for free, that only take part on specific dates.

Blackpool Air Show

Blackpool Air Show takes place in August across two days. It is a tradition that dates back over 100 years and now attracts 1000’s of visitors and it is easy to see why with the jaw dropping performances from some of the most skilled aviators. This family friendly show will leave you in awe as you watch a variety of planes, including the incredible red arrows, perform aerobatics before your very eyes. As well as the air show itself there will also be a variety of other fun filled activities taking place across the two days.

Symphony in the Stars and Illuminations at Hollywood Studios and Epcot at Walt Disney World


The illuminations run from September to November, covering a 6 mile stretch from Starr Gate to Bispham. They light up the seafront and are admired by many with everything from simple string lights to elaborate interactive displays. The illuminations are free to enjoy although there are several donation stations along the route if you would like to make a contribution.

You can walk, ride the tram, or drive through the illuminations and once a year you can even take part in the ride the lights experience. This is rare opportunity for you to take to the road and cycle, scoot or walk through the illuminations without a car in sight.

Firework Displays

During the illumination season Blackpool hosts the free world firework championships. These are spectacular displays that see different countries competing to be crowned firework champions of the year. You will be treated to the most incredible displays as they light up the night sky in time to music, creating a wonderful evening for the whole family.

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