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8 Places to Visit with Kids at Easter Within 8 Hours of the UK

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Notionally we are going to Barbados at Easter for two weeks.  14 lovely long days in the sun sipping cocktails – sounds amazing doesn’t it.

However part of me wants to do something different. To take the girls on more of an adventure.  We booked the flights with air miles so I can still change the plan, and that’s when I asked some fellow travel blogger where they would go at Easter within a 8 hour flight of the UK.

So in no particular order the ideas they came up with were:


Stick with it. It will be amazing. Lisa at Travel Loving Family says there is plenty of adventure: snorkelling with the green turtles, bike rides, submarines, fish literally eating out of your hand when just snorkelling (children would love it you don’t need to dive to experience this), catamaran tours, deep sea fishing…. and s much more.

8 Places to Visit with Kids at Easter Within 8 Hours of the UK www.minitravellers.co.uk

British Virgin Islands

Lisa also recommends flying to Barbados anyway and then going onto the British Virgin Islands.  BVI’s incredible. Take a small charter flight from Barbados to BVI  (views out of this world over Nevis, St Kitts), stay at Rosewood Little Dix Bay,  hike to Virgin Gorda Baths, take out sailing boat/paddleboards and explore all the hidden beaches. Lisa has a full post on the BVI’s here!


Carrie at Flying with a Baby writes, temperatures are pretty good at Easter with amazing facilities for kids. Globetotting has a great post on 10 Things to Do in Dubai with Kids. However for more of an adventure or road less travelled, she would consider Oman or Ras Al Khaimah (UAE) Raw beauty, amazing facilities and not so glitzy as Dubai. They are like Dubai 20 years ago.

8 Places to Visit with Kids at Easter Within 8 Hours of the UK www.minitravellers.co.uk

New York and Boston

Helen at Actually Mummy (who has just returned from New York and professes to be a little obsessed with it) recommended a trip to New York followed by some time in Boston.  In Boston there is lots to do and you can mix city fun with outdoor activities. Boston Kids Museum is also great!

8 Places to Visit with Kids at Easter Within 8 Hours of the UK www.minitravellers.co.uk


As Easter’s late this year, Gretta at Mums Do Travel advises that it should be starting to get warm in parts of Southern Europe. They’ve been to Sicily before at Easter, and loved it (they always do). It was hot on the coast, much cooler inland. You can read more on Things to do in Sicily with Kids here from Gretta.

8 Places to Visit with Kids at Easter Within 8 Hours of the UK www.minitravellers.co.uk


Cathy at Mummy Travels recommends the Azores. Not hot hot at Easter but similar to Toronto in that there is Volcanic Landscapes, Whale Watching, Portuguese villages, a Pineapple Plantation and some great beaches.

USA National Parks

Kirstie from The Family Adventure Project suggests visiting the USA National Parks -you can do a road trip that links a few up together. They did some incredible and quite unknown ones with four and five year old and she remembers one that was completely made from underground lava tubes.

Canadian National Parks

Another recommendation from Kirsty is the Canadian National parks. This one could be winning for me. Kirsty recommends buying a cheap tent in Walmart when you get there so you can go camping in them and do bear walks with rangers etc..Whilst Kirsty says she is not big on camping it’s kind of exciting having all the bear stuff going on and everyone cooks under the stars on open fire pits. It all feels edgy and wild…and the mountains in front of you are utterly extraordinary. Never felt so small before or since.

NB: Photo Credits – Barbados to Cathy T, BVI to Lisa at Travel Loving Family; New York Mauricio Lima ; Sicily Mama Caura Azores Abspire40, Canadian National Park – Esther Lee

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    Bev fish
    22nd January 2017 at 10:21 am

    Do you know of any wheelchair friendly kids breaks. Hard to amuse a nine yr old in a chair

    • Reply
      Mini Travellers
      23rd January 2017 at 8:09 am

      You know Bev I don’t specifically I’m afraid. Sorry about that.

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