6 Free Travel Games to Entertain the Kids on Long Journeys

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Are you planning a long journey with the kids? Why not try these six fun (and free) travel games?  As when it comes to entertaining the little ones whilst travelling, it’s not all about activities you can do on the plane or beach.

Ever dealt with a hyperactive child on a 2-hour train journey? (No? Lucky you, I have). Travelling without children can problematic in itself, but, entertaining your little munchkins makes it a lot trickier; especially if you haven’t planned properly.

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Whether you’re on your way back home this Christmas or you’re going on a fun-filled daytrip… it’s wise to be prepared for all eventualities. Prepping like a pro can help you avoid the spine-tingling cries of ‘are we there yet?’

Children don’t need high-tech gadgets to stay entertained whilst travelling.  Here are six fun (and free) travel games to occupy them along the way…

1.    4 Printable travel games from First TransPennine Express

Going on a long train journey this Autumn (or, even a car journey)? If you want to keep things exciting, then these free printable travel games from First TransPennine Express can help make travelling enjoyable for everyone.

These four games will make the hours flyby (and are simple enough for kids to entertain themselves). So, fire up that printer before you hit the road.

Take your pick…

You could add these to a little journey activity book, including other games like…

Travel Games For Children www.minitravellers.co.uk

2.    Window bingo

This is a great addition to your activity book. Maybe you’ve heard of this before? It’s pretty simple and one that my little ones love. Just list some things/landmarks that you’re likely to see on your trip and plot them in a grid format. The aim of the game is to spot all the items you’ve listed whilst looking out of the window. The first person to complete a whole line (whether row or column) wins!


3.    The alphabet game

Again, this is a good one for a homemade activity book. The (window) alphabet game is just what you’d expect from the title. You start with a sheet of paper listing all the letters A-Z. Then, look out of the windows and write down each item/landmark that you see beginning with each letter.

The first person to complete the sheet wins!

I usually get my little ones involved in making the games too. That way they’re excited to get their hands on them when it comes to the day you’ll be travelling on. Wherever you’re going… it’s definitely worth printing out some activities and keeping them handy along with some pens, pencils and crayons.


NB: This post has been created in collaboration with First TransPennine Express

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  1. What great games! They are new to me and I’m adding them to my traveling activity list. You can never have too many ideas when you travel with the littles, right? We travel with our kids and have since they were tiny. Now they are master travelers at 10 and 12 but we still plan on how to keep everyone happy and occupied on the journey!


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