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Activities with kids when traveling

“Are we there yet?!”

Traveling with kids can be such a chore, you’ve spent months planning your amazing trip, the last few days packing and your 30 minutes into your journey and the kids start asking “Are we there yet?”. Here at Mini Travellers, we know exactly how you feel, so we’re sharing with you 11 things you need to keep your kids occupied when traveling. Some of these links are affiliate links which means I may make a few pennies if you use them to buy anything but you won’t pay any more.

1. A tablet and a pair of CozyPhones

Nothing can quite keep the kids occupied like a tablet full of their favorite TV shows, that is until someone asks you to keep the noise down and you realize they can’t keep their headphones on so have decided to unplug the cable. Cozyphones are different, they come in a variety of designs and are extremely comfortable (And washable!). Our favorite thing about them is that they easily fit and stay on children’s heads. So lay back and relax, no re-adjusting their headphones for you. You can read our full view of CozyPhones here

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CozyPhones - The Headband Headphones www.minitravellers.co.uk

2. Free Printable Activity Sheets

If you are looking for a free activity, why not print out some activity sheets? We have lots of freesheets in the Vault, but you can start off by grabbing the one at the bottom of the page.

3. Mess-free coloring with Travel Aqua Draw

Got a child that just loves to colour or draw? Then one of these products are for you. Crayola’s ‘mess-free coloring‘ combines everything we love about traditional colour but with the added bonus that they can’t colour on anything but the paper, amazing! For the younger ones, the Aqua Draw or the Aquadraw mini’s are a great choice, hours of fun that can be re-used again and again.

Tomy Aquadraw Travel Drawin...Shop on Amazon

4. Aeroplane Finger Lights

Are you looking for something small that can easily fit in their coat pocket and be popped out when needed? These airplane finger lights can provide a whole trip worth of fun. Shine them on the floor, yourself or the seats on the way then once you get to your destination, dance the night away with funky lights.

5. Travel Tray Organiser

Perfect for keeping kids in their seat, these tray organisers will keep everything on hand so you’re not finding that drinks bottle or blue felt every 2 minutes. Once you get to your destination, the kids can just throw it over their shoulder and you’re good to go.

Easy Baby Kids Travel Tray ...Shop on Amazon

6. Activity Book

For something quick and cheap, grab one of these Activity Book’s, they’re full of colouring and quick activities to do to, perfect for smaller bits of time.

CI My Travel Colouring and ...Shop on Amazon

7. Fidgit Toys

If you are looking for something pocket size, then we have you covered here too! Fidgit toys are all the rage at the moment and if you search online, you’ll see there are loads of different types. This link is to a fidgit snake, the kids can fill up some time by trying to turn the snake into different shapes, items and animals, if you have a phone or pen and paper spare, you can keep a note of all the designs you’ve made.

Tobar 08526 Wooden Twist an...Shop on Amazon

8. Playdough

Fancy some playdough on the go? This playdough backpack has everything you need to give the kids something slightly more messy to do. It’s Perfect for children who love sensory activities and has a few alternative activities included too.

Sambro Playdoh Activity Bac...Shop on Amazon

9. Reusable stickers

Have you ever met a child who doesn’t love stickers?! Melissa and Doug stickers are reusable so the play never ends. Stick them everywhere and then take them off and pop them away for later. No need to worry about trying to pick stickers off the airplane window or apartment floor, these are the perfect activity for busy kids.

Melissa and Doug Reusable S...Shop on Amazon

10. Scratch Art

Do you have an older child who loves to do crafts with instructions? Scratch Art is the next best thing when traveling. There are so many different scratch arts to choose from but I love this doodle pad with 16 different boards, so many to choose from. Just check before you travel that the scratching tool will be accepted.

Melissa & Doug Scratch Art ...Shop on Amazon

11. Fuzzy Felt

If they’re not into stickers and want something a little more ‘retro’ to play with, then Fuzzy Felt will bring back all the memories and get you involved too! There are so many different sets to choose from, but I’m sure Paw Patrol will be a favourite for many little ones.

John Adams | Fuzzy-Felt - P...Shop on Amazon

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