Why you should visit Chester Zoo on a Rainy Day


It was pouring down and we were meeting friends for a day out so we suggested Chester Zoo.  I think our friends initially thought we were crazy, but I explained that Chester Zoo in the rain is actually a fab place to go and here is why you should visit Chester Zoo on a Rainy Day, it is after all one of the best zoos in Europe.

  1. It is very very quiet.  Throughout the year Chester Zoo has a steady stream of visitors and on some Summer Days it can be incredibly busy. However Chester Zoo in the rain in Autumn or Winter it is lovely and quiet, you can quite simply have entire areas to yourself.
  2. Kids usually don’t mind the rain it is only us that does and if they can run around in it in wide open spaces and play happily even better. Chester Zoo on a rainy day also has plenty of puddles to jump in
  3. There are actually quite a lot of inside attractions. You can spend time in the bat cave, the monkey hut, the butterflies or the orangutans. There is also an inside aquarium, spirit of the jaguar and a tropical realm.
  4. The playgrounds are usually empty so they can have the place to themselves.
  5. You can easily spend a full day at the zoo, and when the rain is pouring there aren’t many places you can do that in the rain (we were there 10-3.30 on Sunday).
  6. There are plenty of indoor cafes to hide away from the rain if you need a break, and there are even inside picnic areas if you want to take your own food.
  7. If you decide you like Chester Zoo in the rain or in the cold, then an annual season ticket will be a fantastic buy for you. You only have to go 3 times a year and you’ve spent your money wisely. Any more times and you are visiting for free!
  8. There are less queues for the toilets, the boat ride and the monorail (although from time to time you can find these closed if there are high winds too!).
  9. You still see just as many animals but you don’t have to deal with the crowds round some of the more popular attractions.
  10. You can have loads and loads of fun. You never know the sun might even come out later on too which is what happened to us!
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Why You Should Visit Chester Zoo On A Rainy Day
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9 thoughts on “Why you should visit Chester Zoo on a Rainy Day”

  1. We always find it quieter at Marwell Zoo when it’s drizzling! Never visited Chester Zoo – but it’s on our list! I don’t mind the rain…its just the adults! 😉 kids look like they are having fun! #whatevertheweather xx

  2. Great tips for going to the zoo in the rain. You must see a lot more animals without others in the way and so much more fun! You’r right about kids not minding getting wet so much and loads of other places to dry off for a little while too. Great idea to go to the zoo.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

  3. We much prefer family attractions in the rain. It’s better to enjoy them when they’re quieter and you can’t beat jumping in some muddy puddles. It’s good that Chester Zoo has lots of indoor activities too so you can escape from the weather if you need to. Thank you so, so much for linking up to #whatevertheweather xx


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