Ways to spend time in Krakow with Kids

Ways to spend time in Krakow with kids

When you think about your next family vacation Poland might not be first thing that comes to your mind, but you actually should consider it and you should think about former capital – Krakow with Kids.

It is one of the most fabulous places in whole country and people from all over the world came here to see one of the largest Main Squares in Europe, one of a kind Salt Mine and Auschwitz which is visited not only by tourists but also by people who lost family members there.

Krakow used to be the seat of Polish kings and you can still feel the atmosphere of the old days here. The whole city is beautiful and has an amazing history. If you want to learn something about it I recommend visiting this site to read something more about Krakow.

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Krakow is also very tourist-friendly place for a holiday or a short city break – people are nice, most of them speak English, and it is really cheap. There are also lots of attractions for children makes it a really family-friendly place.

How to get to Krakow?

Kraków Airport – Balice

Balice - Krakow Airport

Getting to Krakow won’t be a problem because flights from whole United Kingdom fly here almost every day. You can buy tickets at a low cost especially when you book them months before your trip. From the airport to the city centre is only 15 km and you can get there by public transport, by train or you can choose private transport from the airport to the city centre. When travelling with kids I highly recommend the last option – driver will wait for you as long as you need, and you won’t have to think about running to the train and bus station.

Katowice Airport – Pyrzowice

While planning your trip to Krakow you can also consider going to another airport which is located more far away from the city – Katowice-Pyrzowice. Airport is located around 100km from Krakow. If you choose this option it will be best to choose private transport from Katowice Airport to Krakow city center – it is absolutely the most comfortable and the quickest way to get to your accommodation in Krakow.

Underground attraction

While planning your time in Krakow with kids you should think about going to Salt Mine in Wieliczka which was established in 13th century what makes it one of the oldest in the world. Nowadays salt is no longer mined in Wieliczka but it is an original tourist attraction – especially when you travel with children. You can explore this extraordinary place in two ways – you can choose standard touristic route or miners’ route.

Wieliczka Salt Mine - underground staircases

On the touristic route you will admire underground landscapes, amazing chambers and the unique underground St Kinga’s Chapel. You will also learn something about minning tools, machines and methods of salt extraction and how it was transported it the past. Whole tour takes around 2 hours and getting from Krakow to Wieliczka takes around 40 minutes depends on the chosen transport.

You can also choose less known way to explore the Salt Mine – Miners’ Route where you can feel like a real miner. You will wander through salt labyrinth and explore the undergrounds. You will also have some tasks to do like searching for salt or finding the right route. This route is longer, and it takes around 3 hours, but kids will have amazing fun.

Salt Mine in Wieliczka is one of a kind and while visiting Krakow you just have to see this. Due to its amazing underground chambers carved in salt it was recognized in the UNESCO’s World Cultural and Natural Heritage List and it is one of the most popular one-day trip destination from Krakow.

Wawel castle and the dragon

One of the well-known and most important monuments in Krakow is The Wawel Royal Castle. This place is absolutely breathtaking and gives a chance to feel vibe of the old times, and from the castle hill there is beautiful view on Krakow. The Wawel Royal Castle gives everyone chance to see the most interesting things for them such as Crown Treasury and Armory, Royal Private Apartments, State Rooms, Oriental Art or Royal Gardens all of these are permanent exhibitions available all-year round but there are also available temporary exhibitions. Before your trip you can check them on the Internet and see if there is something interesting for you.

Surely, for kids the most amazing attraction is Dragon’s Den. It is a legendary cave located in the western slope of Wawel Hill, formed 12 million years ago. In 1972 a metal sculpture of the Wawel Dragon was placed in front of the dragon’s den. The dragon has in fact seven heads but frequently people think that it has one head and six forelegs. The best attraction is the fact, that the dragon breathes fire every few minutes and people absolutely love that, especially kids!



Around 50 kilometers from Krakow in Zator is located the biggest amusement park in Poland. It was opened in 2014 but every year has more and more attractions and attracts more and more people. Whole park has many attractions such as: rollercoasters, water rides and carousels and whole attractions splits into five zones:

  • Fairyland where children can meet the characters from their favourite stories
  • Family zone offers attractions for whole family, but you have to remember that on some rides there is a height restriction of 140 cm.
  • Extreme zone which will give you rush of adrenaline
  • Water Park with lots of water attractions
  • Dragon Town which looks like place from The Lord of The Rings.

So, when you are travelling with kids Energylandia is a must-visit place where everyone will have great fun!

Other family friendly entertainment

Aviation Museum

As I said in the beginning Krakow is a family-friendly place and there are so many attractions for kids and whole families. No matter if you will spend in Krakow only few days, weekend or whole week – you won’t get bored and I’m sure you will be willing to get back there. In addition to the above-mentioned attractions, when travelling with children you can also visit:

  • Water Park in Krakow
  • ZOO
  • HistoryLand
  • Main Square underground
  • Aviation Museum
  • Escape Rooms
  • Video Game Museum
  • …and more

I am sure that you will have great time in Krakow as a family. If you want to read more about attractions, events and things to do in Krakow I highly recommend to go here: https://krakow.pl where you can find lots of helpful information. 

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