Warwick Castle at Christmas

Warwick Castle at Christmasv

Despite only living an hour away, we haven’t ever managed to make it to Warwick Castle, so when we were invited to visit Warwick Castle at Christmas, we were only too happy to oblige!

Making full use of our Knights Costume and Sword, we arrived in the Castle grounds and made our way to the entrance. It takes around 10 mins to walk from the Car Park but there are footpaths all the way and this built the anticipation nicely as you only get a good view of the Castle once inside.

Warwick Castle at Christmas

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Upon first sight, the Castle is really impressive!  It is imposing and impressive and looks enough like a traditional Castle for the children to feel that this really is the same Castle they have been reading about in all those books!

Our first stop was the Horrible Histories Maze.  Although there was a Christmas theme to the Maze, the original Maze focuses on different time periods and fans of the Horrid Histories books will be suitably impressed with the similarity of the signage and themes to the books.

Warwick Castle at Christmas

After making our way around the Maze and exiting via the obstacle course (don’t worry, there is an easier way out for adults!) we were getting a little chilly, so made our way through the impressive portcullis and into the Castle grounds.

The first thing that strikes you is the impressive and very tall tower. Despite initial enthusiasm to climb it, we only made it as high as the wall…there is quite a narrow spiral stair case to negotiate and therefore not a great activity for a toddler but having braved the Castle Walls with the 8 year old, we were suitably impressed with the height and view…we will build up to the tower next visit!

Warwick Castle at Christmas

Next stop was the Castle itself via the Great Hall.  The Castle is decorated for Christmas with some of the most impressive Christmas Trees I have ever seen…with Knights in Armour on horseback and the tables set for festive feasts, the inside of the Castle was truly impressive and we really enjoyed looking around and admiring the festive decorations.

Our next stop was Stories with Santa.  Upon arrival (in rather a small hall) you are greeted by an Elf and listen to some festive tales.  It is worth knowing that this is a holding area rather than the main event itself.  My two got a little frustrated that they couldn’t see as there were lots of adults standing and not much room for children to sit.  However, things soon cheered up when the Elf arrived to take us through to Santa!

Upon arrival in the beautifully decorated room, you are greeted by one of the best dressed Santa’s I have ever seen!  He really was a ‘jolly’ chap and held the attention of the children from the moment we entered.  In this room, there was much more space, seating round the room for the adults and cushions and lots of space on the floor for the children.

Warwick Castle at Christmas

Santa immediately began his stories, a mixture of short tales and poems with the help of his Elves. This was a rather short experience but although you need to book in advance, this is free of charge (book when you make your ticket reservations online).  The stories are followed by a short photo opportunity with Santa and the chance to buy the photos (baubles and magnets etc.) in the normal ‘Merlin Attractions’ way after the event.

Warwick Castle at Christmas is wonderfully impressive and there is certainly enough to hold the attention of visitors of any age for a whole day.  The dungeons, for example as well as daily shows.  There are also plenty of places to buy food and drink as well as ample grounds for picnicking…although not this time of year!

We really enjoyed our Warwick Castle at Christmas visit and can’t wait to come back in the Spring to explore the Castle more!

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Warwick Castle at Christmas

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