Review| Vivobarefoot – Barefoot Shoes for Kids and the rest of the Family

Vivobarefoot – Barefoot Shoes for Kids and the rest of the Family

We’ve spent the last 6 weeks wearing our new Vivobarefoot barefoot shoes and now it’s time to tell you how great they are. We didn’t just try out Barefoot Shoes for Kids but for the rest of the family too.

Here are the links to the 3 pairs that we trialled:

Fenn – Vivobarefoot Reno

(Currently out of stock on the UK site)

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Alicia – Vivobarefoot Primus Trail FG

Chris – Vivobarefoot Tracker FG

Vivobarefoot’s are designed to let your feet perform their natural function. They believe that shoes should protect your feet from the elements, while maximising the sensory feedback that we receive from the thousands of nerve endings we have in our feet. The soles are thin and flexible, and they are constructed in a foot shaped to let your feet feel and move naturally.

The features all have a purpose and are minimalist in their styling, providing nothing unnecessary.

Starting with the youngest – Fenn wearing Reno’s. Barefoot Shoes for Kids

Review| Vivobarefoot – Barefoot Shoes for Kids and the rest of the Family

We originally ordered the Primus Kids but found they didn’t suit his foot shape due to his high instep and wide foot. We swapped these for the Reno which were an instant hit as they became his favourite shoes. At first, I was precious about him wearing them to nursery and them getting trashed, but he insisted. They have been thoroughly tested with water, paint, stones, riding bikes, sandpits and all else that comes with a toddler.

The shoes are wide, flexible, and easy to get on and adjust due to the 2 velcro straps. My son loves them, and I’m happy that he’s wearing shoes that are good for his body.

The reno is made with wild hide African leather and a puncture resistant sole.

There is no unnecessary padding, no support – just simple shoes to protect feet from cold and cuts.

Alicia – Vivobarefoot Primus Trail

I opted for the Primus Trail FG. I am a fan of Vivobarefoot and have about 8 pairs already which I wear daily. These shoes are not new to me. I love the ethos and the style and most importantly – they’re so comfortable.

I’ve just started running in barefoot shoes which the Primus Trails have been excellent for. I love feeling the ground beneath my feet. I become mindful about where I stand and how I move.

These shoes have speedy laces which are a great feature for a busy mum – they can be operated with one hand!

These shoes are made from 17 recycled plastic bottles and are vegan. They have a removable insole.

My feet are 9.5cm across and 24.5cm long and the women’s UK6 fit perfectly.

Alicia – Vivobarefoot Primus Trail

Chris – Vivobarefoot Tracker

My husband Chris reviewed the Tracker – this is vivo’s answer to a walking boot, and it certainly does the job. Chris hasn’t worn any barefoot shoes before, so these were a good test.

He found them to be really comfortable and very waterproof. He wore them for 3 days in the Lake District in awful weather and was pleased to report dry feet. He also liked how much grip they had on rock, even in the wet.

The laces have bumps so don’t easily come undone which is another feature he rated highly.

ivobarefoot – Barefoot Shoes for Kids and the rest of the Family

Would I recommend Vivobarefoot – Barefoot Shoes for Kids and the rest of the Family

I 100% would recommend Vivobarefoot’s. I’ve been wearing their shoes for 5 years; my feet feel strong and move naturally.

There is a lot of recommendations for babies and toddlers to wear barefoot shoes or to be barefoot for as long and often as possible but this advice seems to be less prominent when we get older. I believe that it is really important to spend time barefoot, preferably outside.

Where can I buy Vivobarefoot – Barefoot Shoes for Kids and the rest of the Family

Vivobarefoot have a large choice of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes available from £35. They have a big choice, from everyday smart, to serious off-road exercise. Check them out here

NB: Alicia received the Vivobarefoot shoes in order to review but all views and opinions are her own.

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Alicia lives in County Durham and is Mum to two boys, one aged 2 and a newborn.

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