Turkey for Parents and Children Alike

View of Luxury hotel with hut, swimming pool and beach in Turkey.

When a family goes on holiday it can be very difficult for everyone to enjoy themselves. From food choices to agreeing on daily activities, finding something for everyone can be a challenge. Beyond the typical all-inclusive hotels where everything is taken care of there are still loads to see and do. Turkey has a wide variety of activities for adults but what about the kids?

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While a lot of children love to do nothing but spend every day in the pool, we all know that parents like to see and experience new things (of course all the better if the kids not to join!). A recommended suggestion is to take day trips. Travel agencies in Turkey are perfect for arranging entertaining days out, visiting landmarks and having a fun along the way. One such excursion is a jeep safari, easily booked through agencies like Alaturka Turkey.

The jeep safari excursion takes you along mountain roads to visit landmarks such as the Saklikent Gorge. This gorge is known for its refreshingly cool water that flows all year round. This deep gorge makes for an unusual walk for the who are steady on their feet. For those who make it to the end you can also take a special rubber tube down the river to relax your way back to the entrance. Every child at some point has enjoyed playing with mud – on this jeep safari it is time for everyone to enjoy the mud!  The mud baths on the way from Saklikent Gorge are one of the top destinations in this part of Turkey.  These mud baths are good for the skin; spread the mud from head to toe, let the mud dry and then wash it off. It is rumoured to make you look 10 years younger. Of course, seeing the whole family covered in mud is definitely a memory that no one will forget.

Turkey for Parents and Children Alike

For families who like to relax there is great multi-day option sure to include fun for the whole family. Gulet Cruises are great and Alaturka Cruises has lots of experience catering for groups interested in experiencing these  traditional Turkish boat tours. Along the way there is plenty of time to go swimming and snorkelling. It is always fascinating to see the natural underwater wildlife so free and undisturbed, thanks to the crystal-clear waters. One of the more popular attractions is the local sea turtles. These loggerhead turtles use the beaches on this coastline to lay eggs while remaining peaceful and undisturbed by humans.

When the evening rolls around and everyone has finished dinner it is time to relax under the stars. Normally the crew will have a few games on board and will occasionally teach everyone a Turkish game if people are willing to try something different.

Turkey for Parents and Children Alike

Turkish people love families, they always try to make sure that children are happy and will even go out of their way to help all the mums and dads to relax. On the boats there is normally fishing rods available for use and with the right crew, they will sit for a short while showing the kids how to use them. Hopefully the kids can catch a fish or two, giving a special experience to the children who have never tried it before. At certain times of year there are national holidays that children love more than the adults because it is common to give out sweets during these times. In European countries it is unusual to see people handing sweets out to those that they do not know but in Turkey children are adored and doted on by all.

Here we have some great ideas for a family vacation in Turkey, no matter if you are going to Sail Turkey, or if you stay in a hotel with the family and participate in daily excursions. Nowhere really says family holiday with the kids more than Turkey.


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