Top 6 Tips for Beginners on How to Make Stunning Travel Videos

Cameras for all the Family!

At present, shooting travel videos is one of the most popular trends on the Internet. To stand out from the others, everyone is trying to film and shoot the most exciting video content for various topics such as family holidays or the road trip experience, or else looking for the unusual ways to do how-to videos like how to travel with a baby and more.

However, to avoid the standard collecting of your amateur videos on the hard drive, it’s essential to implement some nice tricks and skills into your video-creating routine. In this article, we’ll introduce the must-have things for shooting a perfect video for sharing, as well as provide you with the advanced tips of its professional editing process.

Let’s get it started right now!

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Best Tips for Shooting a Perfect Travel Video

Just like any other content for social media, creating quality travel video content also implies building an effective step-by-step strategy in detail. Now, let’s find out the essential tricks to include when making your travel vlog videos.

#1 Plan Ahead Your Final Video Content

To get the exact result you planned to achieve, try to plan the concept of your travel video ahead. Of course, you won’t be able to shoot a video that perfectly matches the scenario, but it’s still important to get the idea of what you want to get in the result. This trick will help you to capture the right footage to include in your travel videos. And, for sure, don’t miss out on the amazing aesthetic feeling of your trip and maintain the specific sort of your video style to make it unusual and inspiring.

Additionally, it’s essential to come up with a specific story in your travel videos to keep your audience always engaged with what comes next. For instance, you can make a list of things you want to film for the main concept of your video. But, don’t get carried away, traveling, after all, has mostly spontaneous nature so get it simple and always keep your camera ready at all times.

#2 Consider the Different Angles of Shooting

A common amateur mistake when starting making videos is to get stuck within one shooting angle to save up more time for production. Why? As a rule, the variety of camera angles allows enhancing the narrative, theme, and overall mood of the scenes in videos. Also, that’s a great chance to draw the audience’s attention and emphasize the importance of each shoot. Finally, that provides a sort of novelty to the scenes and uncovers the details of each shot individually.

That is why, it’s a great idea to learn more about the variety of camera angles, including high-angle, low-angle, over the shoulder, bird’s eye (a must for any travel video!), dutch angle/tilt, and more.

#3 Choose the Shooting Equipment

Whatever device you’re comfortable using for travel videos, you can surely make an outstanding video for your vlog. However, an important thing to consider is that various devices film the content in different file formats, which are not always accessible to open on your computer.

Cameras for all the family

To ensure you won’t lose any shots, use an online video converter to standardise all the formats and prepare the files for the initial video editing process.

#4 Define the Timing and Video Details

Any type of video content requires detailed planning of the timing to uncover the full story and always keep your audience intrigued with what’s happening next. For this purpose, it’s critical not only to plan your story but also to ensure it’s neither too short (so people won’t catch the idea and feel the atmosphere) nor too long (so they simply drop it off at the very beginning because of boredom).

The ideal timing depends on the type of social media platform you’ll post your video on, the concept of your travel video, the story you’re going to present, etc.

#5 Choose the Right Video Editor

A significant part of your video success also depends on the editing software and level of proficiency in editing. Among the variety of software types for video editing, it’s better to look for versatile options like Animoto, WeVideo, Magisto, that can easily meet all your needs and provide an easy-to-use interface with different sorts of editing tools. The essential features to look for in a high-quality video editing software include:

  • Intuitive yet accessible interface
  • Convenient toolbar section with various editing options
  • Basic video editing features (cutting, trimming, cropping, color correction, blurring, exposure adjustment, and more)
  • A large library with various sound and visual effects, pre-configured formatting options, video filters, and more
  • A detailed guide to the editing tools usage
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Compatibility with different devices (laptop, mobile, or tablet) and common file formats

And, remember: getting expensive editing software doesn’t always mean you’ll make a perfect video right on the first try. Instead, you should always look for unusual techniques, specific editing formats, and trending tricks in video editing to make eye-catching video content.

#6 Present the Final Version of Your Travel Video

Finally, it’s time to present the travel video to your audience! Post it to social media, traveling platforms, personal blogs or websites, and look for people’s reactions.

A nice trick for your future videos: always check the comment section to grab the minds of your followers and find opportunities for improvements. Besides, that can be a great sort of motivation and inspiration to create your next traveling content!


Simple yet effective, these tips can surely help you to create an outstanding travel video even with little or no experience in video shooting. Are you ready to create your mind-blowing video of your best trip?

Find inspiration, grab your camera, and set out in capturing your traveling adventures right now!

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