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The importance of using the right car seats can never be overlooked.  Whether you are using the car for a day trip, a holiday or just a trip to the shops, it is important to keep your children as safe as they can be.  

We all know this, but for some reason more of us are keen to rush our children into booster seats with little or no protection.  There have been a number of campaigns about Binning the Booster and swapping those booster seats you may have for high backed ones.

My children are 5, 4 and 4 and whilst the older one has been in a high backed booster for some time now, it is time for the younger ones to move up.  For me the most important thing to know about is the car seats safety requirements, for them it is how comfy it is, and how it looks.

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At RRP of £149 the Joie Every Stage Booster it is quite expensive, but if we had bought this when the children were babies, and not had to pay for the other two car seats we have had before, then it would be a total bargain as the seat is designed to be used from birth until 7.

Recently the talking point in all things car seats is the new ECE R129 safety regulation, (which is due to come into force in 2018) this requires children to sit rear-facing until they are at least 15-months-old.  I find it difficult to think this car seat could be used rear-facing until the advertised 4 years but it could easily handle the 15 month requirement.

 So what makes the Every Stage different? Why is it unique??

  • Side Impact Security provides extra protection for the head, body and hips (It is padded and super comfy according to the kids)
  • Baby Armor steel frame support keeps car seat strong during impact, extends the life of the materials of the seat to 10 years, and adds weight to keep the seat tight and low to the vehicle seat for better stability and protection (Certainly looks like it will last for a long time.)
  • 1-hand, 5-position headrest adjustment ensures a perfect fit for growing children (this is a little tricky at times to move)
  • 5 position harness and headrest height adjustment, adjust simultaneously and with one hand (I can’t do this with one hand)
  • Plush, deluxe cushioning and fabrics (kids agree it is very comfy and it looks good)
  • Padded harness cushions and lower buckle cover for baby’s comfort (We aren’t using this but the buckles and harness etc pack away very well and doesn’t make the older child uncomfortable)
  • Side, mesh storage pockets for child’s must-have travel items (Unfortunately we can’t use these as we have three car seats fitted)
  • 5-point harness system with front tension adjustment
  • Well marked, colour-coded installation paths
  • Dual lock-offs for installing with vehicle’s 3-point inertia seat belt (I really like the shoulder belt guide and the waist belt guide to ensure they are fitted in correctly).

 Demonstrating the change from Baby Seat to Stage 3.

I did have to use the instruction booklet to fit the car seat (as really you always should) and whist I was definitely doing the easy installation as we can use it with a seatbelt and not the harness etc. I did find the instructions easy to follow and managed to take out of the seat the bits I didn’t need and pack away within the seat the harness and buckles easily.  Despite being very substantial the seat is surprisingly light to take in and out and I am very happy with how it fits into the car.

In summary the Joie Every Stage Car Seat is perfect for us. It fits in the car well, it is sturdy and safe, and the big plus for my daughters – it that it is comfortable (and light blue apparently – the things that are important!). Highly recommended. Currently retailing on Amazon for £149 which is fantastic value.

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  1. I have spent more hours than I’d like pondering car seats so a huge bonus would be having a single seat! And I agree safety is key but for something that lasts so many years, it’s a bargain when you work out how much it’d cost otherwise.

  2. Great review! But I’m slightly confused – some of your detailing and links refer to the Stages car seat, but your title is Every Stage and the pics look like the Every Stage too…


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