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Travel Tip: How to Travel as a Lady not as a Bedraggled Mother!

Travel Tip: How to Travel as a Lady not as a Bedraggled Mother!

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How to travel as a lady and not as a bedraggled Mother? Is that possible?

Yes if you treat yourself, as you deserve. After all you likely did all the packing and preparation. If you follow these secret rules you may, just may,  arrive at your destination looking like a lady, not a bedraggled Mother.  And possibly, just possibly you might have a calm start to the family holiday.

Rule 1

Always book drop off car parking. Experience of trying to carry buggies, babies onto buses or traipse the two-minute walk, which always takes 20 has shown me this. I will never use another service. You deserve the quick smooth disembark from the car to the airport, after all you are a lady not a disheveled porter.

Rule 2

Fly from a near by airport as you simply don’t need the added journey time.

Rule 3

Book into the Luxury Lounge where you can relax and send the husband and children to gather drinks, bacon sandwiches and a cheeky beer before a flight…. Relax in style

Rule 4

Use the Fast track Line and of course pack plenty of snacks

Who would have thought using these 4 golden rules could make such a difference with a family holiday? Once you choose deluxe you will never turn back.

This Christmas we flew from Newcastle airport using the luxury lounge. What a difference this made to our party consisting of 2 babies, 2 children and tired parents with an early flight. The drinks, food where all provided and the children loved the touch screens provided. The husbands thought a few beers before the journey would benefit the flight and I enjoyed lots of coffee to prepare for entertaining children. It was very relaxing and just what we needed considering how busy the airport was before the Christmas break.

NB: Katy and her family received complimentary entry into the airport lounge from Executive Lounges


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Katie Haydock

Friday 3rd of February 2017

I will always remember these rules. We haven't been abroad with the little one yet but this could be the year xXx

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