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Travel Hack Cabin Case Review

Travel Hack Cabin Case Review

Just before we flew to Rome, I was kindly gifted a Travel Hack cabin case to take away with me and review so here is what I thought.

*Spoiler Alert – I love it!


Basic Facts

  • RRP £60
  • Generous 28 litre main compartment with packing straps and a variety of zipped pockets for everything from toiletries to straighteners.
  • Rear padded compartment for a Macbook or a small laptop.
  • Stylish 600D PU outer shell with faux leather inserts and rose gold detailing.
  • Lightweight design weighs just 2.7kg and features super smooth wheels. 55x40x20cm
  • Designed to fit within most airline’s hand luggage restrictions

Initial thoughts on the Travel Hack cabin case

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Straight away on receipt you can tell the Travel Hack cabin case has been designed to look good. Better than good, it’s designed to look expensive even though it isn’t. The rose gold detailing sets it apart from other cases we have already and I loved the mixture of textures and the design of the padding. It’s classy and feels like a bag designed by a woman for a woman.

I also thought it was really good value for a cabin bag. You can obviously get ones that cost £20 on Amazon but we’ve had a few of those over the years and you’re lucky if they last one trip. Equally it’s not in the Antler/Samsonite bracket where you can’t get anything for less than £150.

For a mid priced Cabin Bag, I was really really impressed with the quality.

Packing the Travel Hack Cabin Case

A lot of thought has gone into the Travel Hack Cabin Case. It’s been designed with a weekend break in mind to ensure you only need to take this cabin bag and nothing else. With pockets for your laptop, toiletries, water bottle and even your handbag at the top, it’s been designed for those flights when you can only take one bag, and absolutely nothing more.

This trip I was actually using the cabin case as my only luggage for a week. We had all booked a 10kg cabin bag and we could all have an under the seat bag too.

The pros of this cabin bag was that I could keep all the things separately that I wanted to, the slight downside was that due to the smaller opening of the bag on the front I couldn’t easily lay out all my clothes in the bag in the same way I would if it was a fully opening compartment. However I did like separating out the smaller items and putting them into the top area, so I can’t really say it was actually a downside at all.

Using the Travel Hack Cabin Case

The handle is cleverly built into the back of the suitcase and is telescopic, it folds down twice and into a zipped pocket. It’s so cleverly hidden that it actually took me a little while to find it as I couldn’t believe the handle would be in such a small pocket.

Wheels worked really well and were smooth, although I have to say that I’m a sucker for the 4 wheeled suitcases that you can push as well as pull. These are however usually heavier and take up more space, they are also a lot more expensive.

As I mentioned above I also loved being able to pop things in the top of the bag – really useful when you’ve got kids who can never quite decide what they want and when they want it!

The stability of the suitcase took a little getting used to, and it fell over a few times until I worked it out. The handle doesn’t stand up straight it’s on a slight angle, which is totally fine and it works brilliantly, but if you try and force it upright the bag falls over.

Overall thoughts on the Travel Hack Cabin Case

Overall I love the Travel Hack Cabin Case and will use it for weekend breaks over most other bags I have. It will not only be a cabin bag but it will be a pop to London for the weekend/overnight bag. With its laptop compartment, the smaller section and the water bottle holder I think it’s an excellent purchase.

Travel Hack Cabin Case

Other Travel Hack Products

There are now some other gorgeous Travel Hack products you can check out.

I have my eye on the Travel Hack Tote!

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