Tips on Travelling with Young Children


If you have young children, you will know that it is not always easy to keep them entertained when you are travelling, particularly if you are going on a long flight. There are a few easy things that you can do in the run up to your holiday to ensure that they stay well behaved, and make the travelling for you that little bit easier and more enjoyable, so all you need to focus on is enjoying your break.

Before the flight…

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Before you even think about the flight, try and get your children involved. If they are slightly older, you can get them to help choose where you will go on holiday. This way, it will make them feel like they have an important role in the holiday. If your children are too young for this to work, you can tell them what they are to expect prior to the holiday, so it does not come as a big shock for them.

If your child is under two, think carefully whether or not you are going to buy them a seat on the plane or not. The majority of airlines allow children to travel as a ‘lap child’ for a smaller fee, which will save you money, but you need to consider whether your child will start to become fidgety so consider whether you will be better off getting them their own seat.

Gradually try and adapt their routine in the run up to the flight as well. If you are travelling later than they are used to staying up, let them stay up an extra hour in the run up, so it does not become too much of a shock to them. Tired children are more likely to get grumpy and tearful.

Keeping them entertained…

If you have to endure a long flight, try and think of things that will keep your children entertained. We have a post on what to pack here. Planes are very confined, and you do not want to spend the time worrying (even though you shouldn’t) about comments from other passengers if your child is crying. So, bring snacks and drinks, as well as toys that are easy to transport and will not disturb other passengers. Books and colouring books are ideal as well. If they have a blanket or a cuddly toy that they have at home, try and bring that as well to keep them settled during the flight.

Child friendly luggage…

Packing for your child can be difficult, particularly if they are young, which is why child friendly luggage is so ideal. For the older child, BagsDirect have a huge range of Marvel and Disney suitcases by American Tourister. This means that your child can be responsible for their own case and again, makes them feel more involved in the holiday.

For the younger child, the Trunki cases are excellent. They are big enough for your little one to store all of their toys and comfort items that they will require during travelling, but what makes the Trunki cases stand out above other child friendly cases, is that should your child get tired during the travelling; the case turns into a seat that they can ride on. This is absolutely perfect for you, as you do not have to worry about trying to carry your child, as well as manage the luggage, leaving you stress free as you travel.

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