5 Tips for Tyre Maintenance Before a Trip

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Whether you live somewhere like Wakefield close to a major road like the A1(M) and are planning a road trip to the south of the country or you reside in a rural part of North Wales and want to get to East Anglia by road, you should consider your tyres before setting off. Many breakdowns occur because of tyres that place the engine under strain. There again, you could suffer from a slow puncture or a blowout if your tyres aren’t maintained properly. What should you do?

1. Check Tyre Tread

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Use a simple tyre gauge to confirm if you have enough tread left if your tyres to travel the distance you’re planning and get back home again. If they’re not up to it or you’re not sure how long they have to go, then buy new ones and have them fitted professionally. Online ordering is often the most convenient way to get what you want nowadays. There are many local garages across UK where you can get your tyre fitted. For example, if you are in Yorkshire and looking for tyres in Castleford you can browse the complete range at Reg Greenwood’s website. They have trusted customer reviews.

2. Pump Your Tyres Up

Flat tyres are obvious but partially flat ones can be harder to spot. Don’t assume your tyres are okay. Check them at the garage next time you fill up with fuel. Even slightly under-inflated tyres cost more in fuel, make engines work harder and provide less grip when cornering.

3. Look at the Sidewalls

Even if your tyre tread is okay, your sidewalls might not be. If you see signs of degradation, such as scratches or gouges in the rubber, then this probably means your tyres need to be replaced. When rubber degrades you see this sort of stratification which could mean a potentially dangerous blowout is likely.

4. Check Your Spare

Don’t forget to ensure your spare tyre is in good condition ahead of a long trip. Many motorists don’t know that they are not obliged to carry a spare on board with them under UK law, only that it is advisable to do so. That said, if you need to fit yours in an emergency, then you will want to be sure that it is in a sufficiently good state to get you out of trouble and moving once again.

5. Feel for Drift

If you lighten your grip on the steering wheel and notice a pulling sensation to one side, then it could be the camber of the road. Nevertheless, if this sensation tends to occur under all road conditions, then it is more likely your car’s tracking is out of alignment. Only by having this checked professionally will the problem be resolved. Do it before a long car journey because misaligned wheels will wear your tyres down quicker, especially when you drive further than normal.

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