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I’ll fully admit I wasn’t expecting great things from this room. I just assumed it would be a connecting room to our room with a few novelties for entertainment. Upon opening the bedroom door, I was about to be amazed.

The Swissotel describes their children’s rooms as a place tailored to meet the needs of younger guests aged 2-12. Stocked with age appropriate dvd’s, toys and games.
Eva is now 3 so we were more than happy for her to stay in her own bed and in a room that adjoined ours. We knew we could keep an eye on her and that she would be perfectly safe whilst feeling like she had her own space on her holiday.

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Eva was her usual over excited self when we made our way to our rooms. What was behind the door was about to blow her mind. She had the key to her paradise. The door opened to reveal a room fit for a princess. All of our jaws hit the floor in astonishment. I think it took Eva all of 2 seconds before she turned into childhood excitement overdrive. Cue, high pitched tone, lots of jumping, skipping, laughing, smiling and talking extremely fast.

The first thing we saw was a pop up circus tent, full of plenty of cuddly toys and a brightly coloured welcome sign on the wall. Then we moved our eyes around and took in the rest of the very large room. The room was a sensory overload with plenty of colours, textures and surprises in every area.

Swissotel children room review

The 2 double beds were ladened with cute animal teddies which I thought was a lovely touch as immediately Eva was reminded of her bed at home.

The 2 double beds were ladened with cute animal teddies which I thought was a lovely touch as immediately Eva was reminded of her bed at home.
There was an adorable area on the floor which could be used by both Eva and Ophelia. There was a soft mat which was a map of the world, which had various baby and toddler toys on it. Both girls loved this little area.

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  1. This looks amazing for kids! Just to double check-this is two connecting rooms? And what did you think of the hotel apart from this, would you recommend it in any case. Looking for a hotel in Sydney for later this year with our toddler twins & this is one I’ve not stayed in yet.

    • Hi Sian this was a guest post by @amininorrisblog I’m sure she would happily answer your questions, why not tweet her? Kx


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