The Kidunk Outdoor Suit for Pre-Schoolers

The Kidunk Outdoor Suit for Pre-Schoolers

During our recent visit to the Just So Festival, drawn by the appeal of bubbles, a sandpit and some fabulous craft, we bumped into the lovely people at Kidunk Clothing and were asked to review their new outdoor suit especially designed for pre-schoolers who like to get messy!

Super practical and stylish, Kidunk clothing has been designed to fill the gap between ‘boring old waterproofs’ and ‘impractical fashion clothes’. The clothes are lightweight, fleece lined for comfort and warmth, water resistant and easy to clean. The clothing is designed for outdoor life, anything from a day at the beach to exploring the woods, or in our case, a weekend at a festival!

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The Kidunk Outdoor Suit for Pre-Schoolers

On the first day of the festival, we had been faced with the dilemma of what to dress our toddler in. We needed the waterproofs for practicality (we had thunder storms as we arrived and set up the tent!), but by now it was warming up and the waterproofs were a little uncomfortable against the skin.

The Kidunk clothes are two separate items; a top and trousers that conveniently zip together to form one practical suit. Available in 2 sizes (2-3 and 4-5) the Autumn / Winter range is roomy with options to layer underneath but as it was a changeable Summer weekend, we just popped a t shirt underneath to allow us the option to have the top on or off…

The Kidunk Outdoor Suit for Pre-Schoolers

The clothing is Teflon coated meaning that they are tough, water resistant and stain resistant. Our toddler is literally a ‘grub magnet’ so if anyone could put this garment to the test, it was him!

The ‘Just So’ Festival is set on the Rode Hall estate, so there is lots of open grassy space, woodland and more importantly mud and puddles! We felt happy and relaxed that our toddler could explore his surroundings, comfortable in his Kidunk Suit. It was really interesting to see that, as promised, after a session of splashing about in muddy puddles, the mud quickly dried and brushed off, leaving little sign of previous muddy adventures! The legs have elasticated cuffs to pull down over wellies with an outer layer that zips down on top which meant his feet were kept lovely and dry. The only issue we had was with the elasticated cuffs, which although helped with the fit of the top, didn’t clean as easily, and took longer to dry, than the rest of the suit.

We ended up keeping him in the suit for the whole of the festival. The Kidunk clothing certainly cuts down on washing (with only a t shirt needed under the top) and the clothing kept our little one warm and dry and so comfortable he actually slept for 2 and a half hours in our wagon! I loved the practical design of the suit; the zipped together top and bottoms were so much easier for nappy changing (and soon toilet training!) and easier to get in and out of than our normal waterproof dungarees and jacket. I also loved the fact that he felt so warm and cosy when I picked him up; the feel of waterproofs against the skin is never very pleasant and he obviously felt comfortable to have slept for so long! The clothing is wipe clean but can also be machine washed for practicality which is always a bonus!

The Kidunk Outdoor Suit for Pre-Schoolers

The top and bottoms are designed to be worn both separately and together. Having a rather skinny toddler, we only wore the items as one suit; the trousers just didn’t stay up on their own on our slinky hipped little boy! Perhaps a consideration for future designs might be an adjustable waist band… We also only experienced light rain at Just So this year, had we experienced the deluge of rain we had last year, I do wonder if we might miss the option of a hood to keep our little one a bit warmer and drier…

Retailing at £45 a suit or £25 for a top and £20 for the bottoms the clothing isn’t cheap. However, it is practical and something we would reach for in favour of waterproofs and a jumper, making the cost comparable to any good set of children’s waterproofs or outdoor suits. The Kidunk suit is certainly something we will continue to wear, it now lives in the car, ready and waiting for the next adventure and has already been tried out on a wet trip to the park! It’s practical, easy to wear and the Teflon coating allows you to relax as a parent and let your toddler explore – we even let him eat his ‘festival food’ in the outfit, safe in the knowledge the outfit was ‘kid proof’ and wouldn’t stain. Although this is an Autumn / Winter suit, we found it entirely suitable for a Summer Festival (owing to the changeable British Weather) and know we can add extra layers if we need to when the weather becomes a little cooler. Kidunk Clothing state that there will be a Spring / Summer range launching later in the year with detachable sleeves and trouser legs and it will be interesting to see the differences between the two suits.

For now, we will keep on exploring in our Kidunk Clothing and let the toddler run messily wild!

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The Kidunk Outdoor Suit for Pre-Schoolers

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