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Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words.  The Isle of Lewis is a place of mythology, blustery adventure, windburnt cheeks, standing stones and wild wildlife.  Children run free on isolated beaches, disturbing the solitary seals with their shrieks, leaving footprints in the sand and feeling the salt on their skin.

Luskentyre Beach


Port of Ness

Eating crab claws at Sonas Cafe, rock climbing at Port of Ness, paddling amongst emerald green seaweed at Point, fighting the gales at Callanish Stone Circle.  Babies become intrepid adventures, hunters and dreamers.

Port of Ness


Sonas Cafe, Port of Ness


Running barefoot in the grass under whalebone relics of an ancient maritime past and tiptoeing through the Carloway Black Houses; history is at their fingertips and babes return home hungry, sleepy and alive.

Whalebone Arch

Calloway Black Houses

Lewis and Harris create magical memories and invigorate the tiny body and mind.


For practical advice on accommodation, locations, ferries from the Scottish mainland and journey times please ask – leave a message in the comments box, message on the Facebook page or email  [We had a lovely detached house in Point, Lewis (ten minutes from Stornaway) and on mainland we found a hotel with a family room offering a small ante-room for our toddler to sleep in.]

Scotland is a truly wonderful and surprising land.