The Elf Adventure at Ice Cream Farm, Cheshire


If you live in the North West and have children you’ve probably heard of the Ice Cream Farm in Cheshire.

It’s like Willy Wonka make a children’s play area with candy canes,strawberry waterfalls, treehouses and then built a play farm in the middle with an ice cream shop too.
I’m being serious!
So imagine my delight when they’re also featuring an Elves adventure into a festive wonderland under a huge tent.
But first obviously there’s ice cream and who wouldn’t want ice cream ready for the trip to the Elf workshop and the hour long adventure.
Imagine Dorothy’s face when you tell her “We’re going to Santa’s Workshop in an Ice Cream Farm!” it’s like the best of both worlds.
On arrival we turned up to Santa’s Workshop to be met by the Elves that were going to take us on an experience to the North Pole.
An experience that featured dancing, singing, lots of clapping, games, videos with the other Elves and of course an honourary Elf Certificate for all those good boys and girls.
The Elf Adventure is targeted at 2-10 year olds and not for teenagers however our 16 year old got involved to make sure Dorothy had an amazing time.
The Adventure was a great addition to the Ice Cream Farm. It was that little something extra that was needed to break up eating Ice Cream, having fun in the park area and seeing the animals around the farm.
The Ice Cream Farm is completely free to use in places. The main park area, animals, tree house and model tractors etc are free to use as much as you want without any entrance fee. Which is amazing.
There is also additional play area, go karts, soft play, restaurants, ice cream shop mmmmm that’s added. With their impressive credit based system, you can load a card up with credits and use throughout the year. A great way to save and play!
We had a fantastic time and got to experience the Elf Adventure, laugh a lot, eat ice cream and of course we now have an honourary Elf.
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