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The Doctor Who: Time Fracture Review

The Doctor Who: Time Fracture Review

Doctor Who: Time Fracture puts fans at the heart of the story, plunged into a journey across space and time. Travelling through amazingly realistic worlds, audiences will discover that it’s time to step up, be the hero and save the universe!

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The Doctor Who Time Fracture is an immersive, fun, clever and entertaining experience suitable for all ages -Even for moody teenagers like myself! 

As a lifelong Doctor Who fan I was especially excited for this experience, and I am happy to report I was not disappointed. There is a plethora of easter eggs and many references to uncover. The story does not rely on the audience having an in-depth knowledge of the show so you don’t have to be a fan like me, though it helps. It invites new-comers by having a story simple enough to understand for those who maybe do not have as great a knowledge as some, but still manages to be entertaining for the experts out there, especially in the fantastic costumes, props and scene details.

The actors encourage you to touch equipment and open drawers and get involved- there is so much detail. The sets have been crafted individually from different eras of the show, and of history, giving the whole experience a jumbled up feeling, which fits with the whole fractured theme.

When you enter the main body of the experience you split off into small groups, finding and following characters who take you through the adventure so you can experience all the different places in the experience at different times of the story. This makes the adventure individual to you.

r Who Time Fracture is an immersive, fun, clever and entertaining experience suitable for all ages -Even for moody teenagers like myself! 

You can follow one narrative from room to room, like my Mother, or also chose to jump form group to group, as I did, and the story will still work well,  and you will not be completely lost.

The tour guides are all very good and provide another layer to the experience: they are all well-versed in Doctor Who, friendly with the audience without breaking their characters and are very helpful, so you can ask lots of questions and have them all answered.

The costumes also feel like they are from the show so there is an extra layer of authenticity- and terror! For me personally seeing the cyber men was quite a shock!

There are four main parts to the complex with a space themed bar for refreshment in the middle as well as a lot of places for snacks and drinks. [At this point mum wants to mention the alien singer. She says was INCREDIBLE and made her actually cry with her version of Creep by Radiohead -plus the space themed cocktails were great]

I have to say on a personal note this experience was fabulous, there was so many Easter eggs and secret compartments to look through and discover, so many references to both classic and modern Doctor Who that it was a nerdy dream come true, to really live through a Doctor Who episode. There was both excitement and fear by seeing aliens like the Ood, Weeping Angels, Cybermen and Even the Daleks. Some of the characters had names from the show like Doctor Harry Sullivan. Romana and Rasillon also make appearances.

A recording of The Doctor also appears with the 1st Doctor as played by David Bradly and the 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker- there was also big treat involving the Doctors right at the end for the fans (spoilers!).  

There was also many opportunities to take photos at the end, although definitely not to be taken through the experience as to keep as much as possible away from the internet and from spoiling others experiences.

This show is one of the best I have been to and as a Doctor Who fan this meant a lot to me being able to see it.  I can tell my mother enjoyed it as well so if you like these sorts of adventures and would want to experience it with someone else or on your own I can whole heartedly say this is the space time adventure you’re looking for. 

By Joseph, AKA John Smith


Presented under licence by Immersive Everywhere

Directed by Tom Maller

Written by Daniel Dingsdale 

Designed by Rebecca Brower

Doctor Who lore consultancy and Script Editing by James Goss

Location: UNIT HQ, 1-8 Davies Mews  London W1K 5AB

Bookings from April through to September 2022 

Performance schedule:

Wed 1pm / 1.45 // 7pm / 7.45

Thu 7pm / 7.45

Fri 7pm / 7.45

Sat 12pm / 12.45 / 1.30 // 6pm / 6.45 / 7.30

Sun 2pm / 2.45 / 3.30

Please note, there are extra performances scheduled during school holidays, check the website below for details.

Prices £37 – £67 Adults, £27 – £57 Children. VIP tickets are also available.


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