The Comedy of Errors (More or Less) by Shakespeare North | Review

The Comedy of Errors (More or Less) by Shakespeare North | Review

Shakespeare North’s production of The Comedy of Errors is a lively and entertaining take on one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies. The play, which centres around the misadventures of two sets of identical twins who are separated at birth, is known for its hilarious mistaken identity plot and farcical hijinks.

So what does Shakespeare North do differently? Having been to see two earlier performances at the Shakespeare North, the wonderful Midsummers Night Dream and a Christmas Carol, I knew to expect something a little different, but I didn’t expect, because I deliberately didn’t look, to be singing Madonna songs and laughing hysterically at shoulder pad clad eighties backing singers which reminded me of myself trying to belt out Flashdance!

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The production as always is characterised by a vibrant energy, which is evident in the performances of the cast. The actors bring comic precision to their roles, which makes the play a joy to watch and at times made me laugh out loud. Oliver Mawdsley playing Antipholus of Prescott, in particular, delivers a standout performance, bringing a perfect balance of confusion and bewilderment to the role. David Kirkbride as Dromio of Prescott is also a standout, as he tries to keep up with his master’s ever-changing demands.

The plot’s structure has been changed to allow for stronger female roles and I flipping loved Big Sandra!

The set is simple yet effective with only a couple of props brought on for effect, so it’s the costumes that catch your eye, and the giant ice cream cone, well you have to see it to believe it.

The Comedy of Errors is a play that requires a high level of skill from its actors, and the cast of this production does not disappoint. The timing and delivery of the lines are spot-on, and the actors play off each other beautifully. The chemistry between the actors is evident, making the play feel cohesive and authentic. I particularly loved the Scouse/Yorkshire banter off.

In conclusion, Shakespeare North‘s production of The Comedy of Errors is a must-see for theatre fans, fans of Shakespeare, lovers of comedy, and anyone who enjoys a good laugh. The production team has done an excellent job.

Elizabeth Godber and Nick Lane’s adaptation runs until 25 March before transferring to Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre from 30 March to 15 April

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