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Sunday mornings are sometimes the only day in the week when we can laze about in our pyjamas and not rush to get dressed. School mornings are run with military precision and Saturdays are all about ballet and gymnastics, however there are some Sundays when we get the chance to have a lazy morning and when we do it’s all about catching up on the weeks news by reading the paper and for me (inevitably) dreaming about where we can go next on holiday.  I have always loved the Sunday Times, it was always our paper of choice for the weekend and they have just re-designed the Sunday Times Magazine so it now includes Driving and Life.

Sunday Times Travel

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I usually try and grab some time on my own to read the paper when we get one (retreating to the conservatory and away from CBeebies) to find some quiet space to think about what I’m reading.  There was a good piece in the Travel section (which is what I usually read first!) about Thomas Cook changing a Mum’s flight with her 17 month old baby from a flight getting back home at 6.55pm to one getting back at 12.40am.  Not what they booked and not what they would ever have booked.  We have chosen holiday locations based on flight times as it can be so important to the success of your trip. Due to some intervention by Mark Frary Thomas Cook have changed the date of departure at no cost to the family to make sure the family can fly at a sensible time.  Would this have upset you, it would definitely have upset me when my babies were little?

Sunday Times Travel


Sunday Times Travel

It doesn’t take long though for at least one of my three girls find me though and whilst this morning it was only one, I can usually be found with three of them on my lap. When I have three to cuddle I often find that the iPad app works better for reading the paper as it can be easily held in one hand, but I am a sucker for print.  I’m still a book reader too rather than a Kindle reader, although I do use it from time to time.

Sunday Times Travel

Whilst me and Lily were reading the paper in the back room an article in the magazine caught my eye about Ice Fishing in Canada and the sheds those enthusiasts use. Each hut is transportable, made from light sheet metal or wood paneling. They use an opening in the floor to cut through the ice; the size of the hole depends on whether they fish with a line or a spear.  What attracted Richard Johnson (the writer of the article) and me particularly though was the way they had personalised the exteriors.  Some of them were just beautiful and really stand out in the white wilderness.  We spent quite a while choosing our favourites.

Sunday Times Travel

Finally I grabbed some time alone and read a feature article on Taylor Swift (tipped to win a Grammy tomorrow night), the article debates how she became the most powerful woman in music.  Definitely one to head over and read!  I’ll be back to finish the rest after we’ve got back from a trip out to TGI’s and Crazy Golf.

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  1. I love this – our Sunday mornings occasionally look like this, although often with the paper from the week before as it’s the first time we’ve had chance to look at it!! I find everyone has their own order for reading the supplements too – I definitely head to the travel first, it’s a favourite. Lovely read!


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