StreetHunt Games – The Case of Colombia’s Finest | Review

StreetHunt’s York Trail - The Case of Columbia’s Finest | Review

We’ve been looking for activities to get our teenager out into the fresh air during the school holidays, and as a family that enjoys a good treasure hunt we were delighted to be invited along to review StreetHunt Games’ York trail – The Case of Colombia’s Finest. What makes this trail different to others we’ve done is that it is played using your smartphone, and there’s a time limit. Aimed at 13 years+ we thought it’d be fun for mum and dad to take on the teen and two of his mates in a little friendly competition.

A couple of days ahead of our hunt we signed into our teams so that we received our emails with instructions for how to play and information about the start and finish locations. On the day, we parked at Bootham Row car park which is a 5-10 minute walk from the starting point and cost £10.55 for 3 hours. The start location is outside a coffee shop so is handy for getting a takeaway coffee and using the facilities. 

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The hunt is based on a fictional story. You are helping the main character to solve a crime. In the Case of Colombia’s Finest, you are introduced to Jim Robusta and the coffee company he works for. Jim’s colleagues have shady pasts and Jim has asked you to sniff out evidence of crime and the culprits.

Your team needs to walk around the city centre seeking out the various virtual contacts you need to speak to. These are marked with their initials on a map on your phone. When you arrive at a location you must solve a clue using your surrounding before the information the contact holds is given to you via your smartphone. 

Ready, set, go! 

Straightaway, mum and dad took an early lead – the teens didn’t read their maps properly and raced off away from the first clue! A few minutes later they were back to get a hint on where to find the first answer and how to input it onto their group page. The early lead continued to be stretched as team mum and dad, ably assisted by our 11 year old raced around the city centre cracking clues and gathering information. The teens were floundering, and wandering in circles, so after a couple of phone calls and extra hints, mum joined them and the race was back on! 

In the end, speedy dad and super-sleuth 11 year old finished first, but didn’t get all the right answers. The slow but steady (and occasionally lost) teen-team with mum did get all the right answers and so won the game! 

Did we rate it? Yes, we had fun! Perfect as a family game. I think multigenerational teams would do really well as long as everyone can manage the walking. Younger teen teams do need an adult helper, mainly to help with directions and reading information properly!

StreetHunt’s York Trail - The Case of Columbia’s Finest | Review

Our top tips for StreetHunt!

Make sure everyone understands how to play the game before you set off. We found it helpful to do the couple of clues together and check everyone knows how to work the game on their phone, before splitting off.

The map on the website does not show you your location in relation to the virtual contacts you are meeting, so we used Apple/Google Maps alongside the game’s map to help us with navigating.

Using Find My iPhone or a similar app is good for keeping track of your teams, particularly handy if you have teen teams. 

Beware of your surroundings and having your phone out in public as you walk along. Work out where you’re going and then put it away until you get there. As in every city, opportunists are about and you need to cross sometimes busy roads. 

When you’ve gathered all of the information you need the game is paused until you press to continue to the solving part. Find a spot where you can sit down for 15 minutes in peace. Having a pen and paper is really handy for making additional notes as you review what you’ve learned. This is how team teen/mum managed to win, even after nearly running out of time!

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