After all the Holidays it’s Back to School!


As you know my Mini Travellers are never sitting still for long. If they aren’t at a theme park road testing a new ride, or watching a show in the woods, they are wanting to scoot up and down our road.  Their big wish for September is to be able to scoot to school.  Now we all know that scooters and pre-schoolers and shoes don’t go together. Anyone who has bought a new pair of shoes has winced at seeing their child use the toe of new shoes to stop the scooter.  We have numerous pairs with almost white toes.  We have always said no to scooting to school.

So when Cloggs asked if we would like to road test their some school shoes from their Back to School range my eyes were immediately drawn to the fact that they did Kickers.  When I was younger I would have LOVED a pair of Kickers so I thought we would try them out.

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Now Lily is going to be in proper school her shoes have to be black, but as Izzy and Eve are only in pre-school we can still get away with colours.

As always with Cloggs, the ordering process and delivery time was incredibly quick.  I ordered one day and the shoes were all delivered the next.  I ordered 3 pairs of Adlar Petal shoes as I could get them in three different colours: black (£44.99), blue and pink (reduced to £30).  I had just recently had the girls feet measured so I knew their size, however as the Kickers are probably on the bigger side of the spectrum when Lily’s arrived, hers were too big.  The beauty of ordering from Cloggs is that they send you a free returns label for Collect Plus, so you can return any shoes that are too big or too small, or you simply don’t like.Unfortunately the Adler Petal shoe was out of stock in Lily’s size but we chose a lovely patent shoe instead.

Today we road tested them! By running and by playing on scooters!!

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 19.33.40

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 19.31.46

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 19.33.32

Screen shot 2015-08-02 at 19.32.59

So how did they do?  They were brilliant. There are no scuffs.  The twins shoes don’t have a buckle (they have velcro) so they are really easy to get on and off. The thick sole makes them look they will still be going strong, long after they out grow them.  The pink and the blue pair are also beautiful. Lily’s only complaint was that hers were black, but that’s what she needs for school, so no way for the shoes to fix that. The detail on all of the shoes is lovely, and Lily in the end decided her black ones were more girly because they have red and green tags on.  They all said they were comfortable and they are all looking forward to wearing them come September.

The downside -I think we might now need to let them scoot to school!

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4 thoughts on “After all the Holidays it’s Back to School!”

  1. Those shoes are so gorgeous. I especially love Lily’s black patent shoes. They look so pretty and grown up. Great testing. I always find that Little Miss H’s new shoes look gorgeous. But after one or two trips to the park they get also scuffed and ruined. It is good to know their are brands out there that are more hard wearing and the service from Cloggs sound fantastic. Hugs Mrs H xxxx

  2. Great post!! I’ve just ordered Lili’s new uniform and shoes for September (she’s grown so much in a year! So had to buy everything again). Good shoes are important as they really get put through the mill. Lili went through three pairs last year! Good luck to your Lily at ‘big school’. xx

  3. Those are all lovely shoes and I bet they will last really well! You have just reminded me that I haven’t bought the twin’s school shoes yet.Although their feet are bigger than mine so they won’t be anywhere near as sweet as these ones 🙂 Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars xxx


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