Ryanair have changed their cabin bag policy! | January 2018

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I received notification this morning that Ryanair have changed their cabin bag policy and at first I was horrified!

I have recently booked flights to Porto with Ryanair from Liverpool Airport for a fabulous price of only £220 return for the 5 of us at half term.  I decided to be brave and only travel with hand luggage it was after all my New Year’s resolution to do this more!  Anyway I digress!

So you can imagine my panic when I received an email from Ryanair this morning titled ‘Important Notice regarding our cabin bags policy’.   I immediately presumed that they were going to charge me more to take a cabin bag on the plane and that my ‘cheap’ trip was suddenly going to cost a lot more money!

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Initailly it looked like this was going to be the case. The email suggests that f you want to bring 2 cabin bags on board you must add Priority & 2 Cabin Bags at an increased cost.

However it goes onto say that if you arrive at the gate with 2 cabin bags, and you haven’t purchased Priority & 2 Cabin Bags, your second bag will be taken off you and put in the hold free of charge.

Phew!! No additional cost and actually less hassle than trying to find a space for it on the plane. I also think it will help boarding times and mean planes take off quicker as people will have less bags to faff around with.

The downside being that you have to wait for it at the other end.

What do you think to the change??

Ryanair have changed their cabin bag policy! | January 2018

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5 thoughts on “Ryanair have changed their cabin bag policy! | January 2018”

  1. This is good info! The in-Europe flights have so many varying regulations, it’s hard to keep up. We flew Swiss Air last year from Zurich to Prague and had to put our bags in the metal measuring box. In the US, these measuring boxes are there but no one ever measures. We can walk on with anything reasonable. So — my bag wouldn’t quite fit. I took out my jacket and scarf and put them on and voila — my bag fit!

  2. I have just booked with Ryanair and the whole process seems much easier – on my booking it was £125 extra for the hand baggage, priority boarding, 2 x cases and reserved seats. They do seem to be quite good at accommodating families these days. Had a nightmare booking though due a change in their website you now have to book using a Google Chrome Browser in Incognito mode (Ctrl + Shift + N) I didn’t even know this was a thing!!

  3. I’ve been told that even if you only have one piece of hand luggage and that’s a wheelie case, you have to put it in the hold anyway. I didn’t read it as that though. What do you think?


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