Review: Vintage Leather Camera Bag by Fig Bags

Review: Vintage Style Leather Camera Bag by Fig Bags

I’ve been looking for a beautiful leather camera bag for a while. My hubby bought me one for Christmas but it didn’t quite do it for me so it went back to the shop.  I kept seeing the beautiful images from Fig Bags on Instagram (do follow them over there if you are thinking of buying one) and I got in touch with them to ask a few questions about which bag would suit me. I wanted a Vintage Leather Camera Bag!

I wanted a bag that would fit in my laptop, my camera and and additional lens.

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I ended up plumping for the Hanborough in tan! She’s beautiful.

Review: Vintage Style Leather Camera Bag by Fig Bags
  • Price: £295
  • Website:
  • Premium handsmade leather camera bag
  • Designed to fit a large DSLR and two or three lenses
  • Available in seven equally beautiful colours.

There are 4 bags in the Fig Bags range all however equally fabulous.  It’s only a small English company and their hands on approach to replying to emails and contact on social media makes it that even more (if that was possible) desirable.

I plumped for the Tan Hansborough thinking that both me and my husband could use it, as it wasn’t too ‘girly’ – his words.  He isn’t however overly keen on using it  (still thinks it is a little girly) but he will use it which helps at times.   It’s stunning with very thick premium leather and very chunky brass fittings .  The soft padded interior makes it incredibly kind to your camera.

Review: Vintage Style Leather Camera Bag by Fig Bags

I’ve put the bag to good use already since I’ve had it. It’s been with me on a holiday to Wales, it’s been on a Motorhome holiday,  I have climbed some sand dunes with it and it works well.  It isn’t too heavy, which I worried it might be, and I can get the lenses and camera out easily.

Unfortunately it doe not fit my mac book in, it isn’t wide enough.  I accept this as my own fault though and blame my lack of careful measurements but it whilst it was my original aim I am not too worried that it doesn’t fit.  It does however fit my large Canon 5D and both the Zoom lens and a Macro lens. With outside pockets I can also access my phone and other bits and pieces, such as a passport, easily.

The slight downside for me of this bag is that we very nearly lost one of the beautiful brass fittings on a sand dune as I had unclipped the bag to access it, and my husband had unbuckled the bag to access the camera, so we had unknowingly loosened the catch and it went temporarily missing – make sure you know which way you are opening it if two of you are using it.

The beautiful leather is also already marked and scratched just two months in.  As with any expensive beautiful leather product I always find this stage of ownership tricky; it is no longer perfect but isn’t ‘aged’ properly yet either.  I do however forgive the Hansborough for this as I absolutely love it!

Figs Bags Hansborough Verdict

Beautiful and very much admired, my post on Instagram was commented on  55 times with lots of messages of adoration and envy!

It looks fabulous whilst offering good protection to camera kit.

It has a really useful outside pocket to save you opening it at all times.

It isn’t too heavy to actually use!

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Review: Vintage Style Leather Camera Bag by Fig Bags


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  1. Oh, I really love that. I have been looking for something more classical than my old tatty canvas camera bag too… Might just have to accidentally leave this window open for Mr R to walk past! 😀

  2. Oh wow I love this bag! I am slightly envious – my bulky, tatty and plastic looking camera bag needs replacing 🙂 and I have a birthday coming up….

  3. I was one of those Instagram comments!!! 🙂 Aaah Karen — I love it. I’ve got a tiny little fabric bag for my camera; I like how light it is but not the space aspect (or that it doesn’t have any aesthetic value either!!). Your Fig bag is a thing of beauty — I love it!! xx

  4. How many days are you using this bag? I have pinned this post! It is not only beautiful it looks awesome to carry the camera kit. The color of the bag is fantastic what I was looking for. anyway, keep sharing like this.


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