Review of PGL Holiday | Adventure Holiday for Kids

Review of PGL Holiday | Adventure Holiday for Kids

Over the Summer in 2023 my eleven year old twins went on a PGL adventure holiday for three days and two nights. It was an incredible experience for them and some well needed Summer holiday childcare for me.

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Who are PGL Holidays suitable for?

They have three main age groups in the UK:

  • 8-11 year olds
  • 11-13 year olds
  • 13-16 year olds

My eleven year olds chose to go in the 11-13 year old age groups as they are mature for 11 and so wanted to be with older children rather than younger ones. This worked really well for them but you’ll know your own children best.

PGL Holidays for Families

Yes do family breaks although this is not a review of a PGL family holiday. If you’d like to read a review of a PGL family holidays you can read one here:

PGL Family Adventure Holiday Review

PGL Family Adventures Review

What does PGL mean?

Although legend has it that it means ‘Parents Get Lost’ or that’s what I was always told as a kid anyway. It actually means Peter Gordon Lawrence being the man who started the company over 60 years ago.

Booking a PGL Holiday

Booking the PGL holiday was really very easy. You go onto the website, search up where you’d like the holiday to be, how old the children are, and what type of activity holiday they would like to do.

There are lots of the activity holidays that PGL are popular for, but also lots of other options including water sports, pony and cookery camps.

Which PGL is best?

We can only give your our comments on Boreatton Park

Discount Code for PGL Holiday

We have a discount code for you which is MT20 which entitles you to 20% off multi-activity kids camps in 2023 and 2024 which is an exclusive rate.

Review of PGL Holiday at Boreatton Park Shrewsbury

So what did we think of the actual PGL holiday? Well to be honest it’s practically impossible for me to review the PGL holiday as I wasn’t there, so I’ve asked Izzy & Eve to put together a review and tell us what they thought.

What to do before a PGL holiday

On Tuesday morning, me and Iz went on a PGL for 2 nights. It was definitely one of the highlights of the summer holidays.

We followed the printable packing list and packed everything ourselves.

First Day of the PGL holiday

It was an early wake up but once we arrived, it was clear it was going to be amazing! The welcome staff gave Dad some stuff to sign and then we were taken to our dorms. The rooms are all different sizes but ours had three sets of bunk beds even though there were only 4 of us in our room. Obviously there was something we forgot and it was sheets / sleeping bag. Luckily, they gave some to us. If you forget other stuff like toothpaste, they can provide that for you too

We did the zip line first which was fast, high, scary and fun all at the same time. It was raining very heavily but what’s a bit of rain to cross country runners????? We got warm after the zip line and headed off to the dining room for lunch which was delicious.

Our afternoon activity was raft building which was one of our favourites. We got to build the rafts out of barrels, wood and rope; then we got them on the water and we may have fallen in a few times!

Once we were showered we had some dinner, and played icebreakers to get to know the other people in our group.

Second Day at PGL Holiday

Being woken up at 7.30am is not the best but it was worth it!! We had breakfast and then got straight to our activities; one of which included a game called aero ball. This is basically basket ball but on a trampoline. It was much harder for me and Eve as we are pretty small! Then we headed off to lunch.

Chicken nuggets were devoured then we did an obstacle course which was super fun – especially the tire tunnel and Tarzan rope. After going over and under countless obstacles, we trekked up to the climbing wall to do some climbing. This was probably one of our favourites as we both zoomed up it pretty fast! Then headed off to dinner.

Food at PGL

Breakfast was a selection of cereals, meat, toast and ( the best food item of the whole trip) the hash browns!! Our lunch slot was at 12.35 am. The meals were different every day and were written on a board outside the cafeteria. Dinner was at 5.35 and this was the same idea as lunch but with a dessert. For lunch and dinner, they had a salad bar and a selection of fruit all day.

Favourite part of the PGL Holiday

Obviously the best part of the trip were the activities! Across our 3 days we did: zipwire in the rain; raft building and going on our raft; Frisgolf (frisbee and golf) ; the giant swing; aero ball on trampolines; challenge course, climbing, high ropes, archery, Jacobs ladder and finished off with laser quest. Our favourite was definitely the laser tag as it gave us Hunger Games vibes!

PGL Overall

Overall we had (definitely) our busiest and some of the best few days of our holiday. If you are planning to come here next year, you will not regret it!

Thank you so much PGL adventures for letting us come here. It was fun, wild, jam – packed and amazing!!

Discount Code for PGL

We have a discount code for you which is MT20 which entitles you to 20% off multi-activity kids camps in 2023 and 2024 which is an exclusive rate.

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